Monday, October 23, 2006

Worship - Fest

I have been posting about the Worship - fest that I am putting together with a few other people at my church. One week and it will be all over.

Worship Fest 2006
October 29th 2006

Choir –
Holy is the Lord

WT1 –John, Marti, Lois, Maria, Josh
Amazing Grace
Son of God
In Christ Alone
Before the Throne of God Above

Quartet – Jeff, Joe, Lori, Maria
Lead me to the Rock (with worship band)
His Great Love Medley

Lori & Phil –
You Are My Hiding Place
There is Joy in the Lord

Your Love oh Lord

Marti & Steve -
Sing Alleluia

Marti –
The Love of Christ

Joe & Lori-
Trust His Heart

Trio – Lori, Becca, Joe
Holy, Holy, Holy

Suzanne – (with Worship Band)
I Give You my Heart

Worship Team 2 Jack, Maria, Lori, Joe
Praise Adonai
Be Unto Your Name
We Fall Down

Suzanne, Val, Lois
You Are God Alone (with Worship Band)
Love is the More Excellent Way

Long Black Train
Word of God Speak

Lori & Becca
I Can Only Imagine

Heaven’s Avenue

Maria & Lori-
You’ll Still be Lord of All

He Loved Us More

Come and Behold Him

Ana Mendoza
Can’t Live a Day

Josh (with his band)
A Love Song

Bang Boom
The Frog

Worship Teams One and Two
Days of Elijah
God is Good
You Are Good


Deepak Gopi said...

Hi :)
In the future post I will publish photos of churches in India.

Good Day.

lori said...

That would be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come! It sounds wonderful!

e-Mom said...

This is going to be a wonderful time. You deserve special thanks for your hard work to help put it all together!

lori said...


Thank you! I am a little nervous about the whole evening. I have to make cookies for it on Sunday when I get home from church. I pray I am not forgetting anything.


I do pray it is a wonderful time. I love praising the Lord with my voice.