Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Step-dad and Mom

This is a recent picture of my Mom and my Step-dad.

My Step-dad had open heart surgery back in May. He has been having a lot of trouble breathing and he has a lot of blood brusings on his arms and hands. They have run many test on him and can't figure out what is wrong.

They have two adopted daughter's. Shi Shi is 9 years old and Malie is 4.

I am very concerned about my Step-dad's health right now.

My mom is very concerned about him right now. She still has a great sense of humor and passes along some very funny cartoons.

Living for the simple things in life: All of my children and Grandchildren

Living for the simple things in life: My Mama


mouse said...

I hope they can soon find out what is wrong with your step-dad and fix it. It is scary when you know something is wrong and they can't figure out what it is.

Linda said...

I'll be praying for all of you. We'll just pray they find out what is wrong soon and get him feeling much better.

Pamela said...

My Mom's doctor said her blood bruises were a direct link to low iron deficency. This may be something totally different but just thought I would mention it. :) What a nice looking couple! You Mom is just beautiful!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I will pray for him and I hope things get better soon!

Coll said...

This must be so worrisome. Sending prayers his way.

lori said...

mouse said,

It is very scary! I am very worried. He has very poor coloring. I know I need to leave it in the Lord's hands but I really am worried.


Thank you for praying!


I told my mom at the shower today what you said. She said she is going to call the doctors office in the morning and ask if they ran a test to see if his iron was low. Thank you for sharing.

J. Andrew Lockhart,

Thank you J. Lockhart, I am grateful for blogging friends like yourself that love the Lord.


I am very worried! Thank you so very much for praying. I am grateful for all the prayers of the saints.

Barb said...

What an attractive couple. I so hope he's OK. And it's nice to put a face with the lady who's providing us with all these funny things.

I hope you'll keep us posted about your step-dad. And your mom's beautiful.

lori said...


Thank you! I think my mom looks pretty good for being 60.

I will keep everyone posted about my step-dad. I was with my mom today at my nieces baby shower and Mom said my dad was not doing well at all. Barb, I really am very concerned about him. Thank you for your prayers.

e-Mom said...

It's really nice to have a face to put to all the jokes and cartoons your Mom has sent your way. She's so young! I pray your step-Dad has a big turn-around very soon.

lori said...

Thank you emom!

Anonymous said...

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