Monday, October 16, 2006

Bible Trivia

Parents night is this Wednesday for our Awana clubs. I have some pretty versed parents so I had to try and make this Bible Trivia a little harder then the last two.

I'll post the answers tomorrow!

It will be a light week for me in Awana this week. I have a man coming in to play the guitar for me while I lead music. I thought this would be a little different this week. I have lead music with this man several times so it will be real easy. We are getting together tonight to go over the songs we will sing tomorrow evening.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of my girls parents.

1. Who led a rebellion against the authority of Moses and the ground swallowed them up?
A. Molech
B. Izhar
C. Aaron
D. Korah

Answer: D. Korah Numbers 16:1-35

2. Who took the place of Judas as one of the apostles?
A. Joseph
B. Matthias
C. Justus
D. Paul

Answer: B. Matthias Acts 1:23-26

3. The gift of the Holy Spirit that was given in Acts chapter 2 was spoken by which prophet of the Old Testament?
A. Joel
B. Daniel
C. Habakkuk
D. Malachi

Answer: A. Joel Acts 2:16-21 and Joel 2:28-32

4. Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good _____ of Jesus Christ.
A. warrior
B. servant
C. soldier
E. apostle

Answer: C. Soldier 2 Timothy 2:3

5. Who did Ruth marry after her first husband died?
A. Mahlon
B. Boaz
C. Elimelech
D. Pharez

Answer: B. Boaz Ruth 4:9-10

6. When Hezekiah was sick unto death, what prophet told him that he was going to die?
A. Ezekiel
B. Joel
C. Daniel
D. Isaiah

Answer: D. Isaiah 2 Kings 20:1

7. What sign did God give to Hezekiah so he would know that God would add fifteen years to his life?
A. The shadow on the sun dial would go back ten degrees
B. gave Hezekiah great riches
C. gave Hezekiah great wisdom
D. made him king of Judah

Answer: A. The shadow on the sun dial would go back ten degrees 2 Kings 20:1-11

8. In Revelation 4:1 who is told to "Come up hither"?
A. the church
B. John
C. Christians
D. Paul

Answer: B. John Revelation 1:1-3


Anonymous said...

This were good one's. My daughter loves Bible trivia so I am going to try to stump her when she gets home. She is 16 and very active in church so it may be hard, but you never know. I am not the greatest at multiple choice. Sometimes I will second guess myself just because there are more than 1 answer. How dumb is that?

lori said...


Let me know how your daughter does. I'll post the answers in the morning.