Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Prayer for my Step-dad please

Here is an update on my Step-dad; please keep him in your prayers.

This is an email I received from my mom yesterday.


The surgeons office called Dad will be going to see her tomorrow to find out where we go from here. Please be in Prayer about this. I do not want to see him have to go through biopsy surgery.
Also when I got home yesterday he was out blowing leaves. Gee and I worried about him the whole time. (smile) I am thankful he is strong willed and will try to keep going though. He took his pills when he got home from church, they help him not to hurt in his back for some reason.


Living for the simple things in life: My Step-dad and Mom


jel said...

will be! :)

lori said...

Thank you Jel!