Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bo is out of Speech (His special celebration)

I had just the most wonderful day today. (I guess it would be yesterday now)

My husband is such a funny guy! I wrote about him calling me and asking if anyone was going with me to Aldis. (I never said anything to him about going alone) He was referring to my 19 year old daughter or my daughter-in-law. My little pick up is not big enough for me to ask my daughter-in-law to go with me anymore. There really might be a lot of men who would do this for their wives, I just don’t know of many. If there are men out their that would do this, please forgive me. I guess I just think my husband is special.

Anyway, my husband and I went grocery shopping at Aldis. I love this place, it is the only place I know where you can get three heaping carts full of food for under $400.00 dollars. I think that is pretty good for a family of 7 for the month. I do get soy milk,fruits and Veggies once a week at a store close to our home. Aldis is 30 minutes away from where I live.

I told my husband about our speech meeting and how the speech teacher asked me if we were going to celebrate Bo graduating from speech. Bo has been a bit sad about leaving speech class and his teacher. I had to be honest with the speech teacher and tell her my only plans for the evening were to clean out the garage. My mother-in-law is going on vacation and will be storing her car in our garage while she is gone. I had a free night and thought Bo and I could clean it out. I am sort of nuts about having things clean if someone is coming over or we are going to have someone look inside of our garage. I guess I have a few screws loose up top. : ) (Someone did say I was nuts once, I guess they might have been right)?

Well, my husband was listening to everything I said. After I left for work he went out and bought Bo a wonderful feast for his special dinner. We had ham, shrimp, potatoes, green bean casserole, and crab legs. For desert he bought a white cake and a cheese cake.
He also bought Bo four gifts; a metal detector, a science kit and two Calvin and Hobbs books. (The books were my idea; Bo has asked me every weekend if we can go to the library for Calvin and Hobb books)

We had a wonderful evening together!

My daughter surprised me and came home right before I left for work. She told me she did most of my cleaning for me. (I am a janitor for the church I am a member of) I only had to go to work for about an hour.

I better get to bed! I am having breakfast with my daughter-in-law and my Granddaughter tomorrow after my boys leave for school. Jenna is 7 1/2 month old now; she is such a baby doll. I am really looking forward to spending time with the two of them.

Jack (my three year old grandson gets to have a special morning out with his Gram. (My daughter-in-laws mother) They are going to go to the McDonald’s play land. My daughter-in-laws parents took Bo and Josh (my 8 year old grandson) to Cedar Point on Saturday for a fun outing. That is why she is taking Jack tomorrow. I think it is wonderful that my grandchildren have both sets of grandparents living so close to them. I get along well with my daughter-in-laws parents.

O.K. off to bed I go!


Deepak Gopi said...

Very interesting

lori said...

Wow! I just got done posting this. : )

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog and family life.

What a lovely suprise for Bo, I bet the was thrilled to bits at his party and presents - he looks a fine sportsman in the making.

My dear husband, bless him, often gets the bits of shopping for me on his way back from playing golf - he goes right through a town, so it is easy for him to do -whilst I am busy up the allotment.

Golly you need to buy a lot to feed your family, but how cheap for a month's supply from Aldi's.

There are just the two of us, so we never need to buy much - just basics, as I grow, make, or cook as much as I can.

Thanks for sharing your lovely days

jel said...

Hope you have a great day today!

God bless

lori said...

Allotment Lady,

Thank you!

He loved his special party. This morning he is playing with his science lab that my husband bought for him.

I do have a lot of mouths to feed.


Thank you! I pray you have a great day!

plainandsimple said...

I too am a fan of Aldi (German efficiency at its best)! I'm glad your son had such a nice surprise lovely!

Thank you for visitng my blog!

At A Hen's Pace said...

I love Aldi too! We're blessed to be 8 min. away though, so I go weekly. I bet I spend about the same as you per month, for 8 mouths. (One's not eating too much yet, though!)

What a nice celebration for your son!

lori said...

Plainandsimple said,

I wish we had an Aldis closer to our home. Oh well, it all works out just fine in the end.

The celebration was so much fun!

lori said...

At a hen's pace,

8 mouth's?

Sue said...

We don't have Aldis here, but they do sound like they are reasonably priced.
Enjoy your time with your daughter and granddaughter!

Jim said...

Hi Lori -- You are sooooo busy!
We don't have an Aldis here either. We use mostly Kroger (10% senior discount on their brands) and H.E.B. I probably do more grocery shopping than Mrs. Jim, she is a busy lady. I did her schedule once a long time ago, it is about time again.
Since we are both retired there are NO things we have to do. A lot of people would miss the things we do though if we stopped.
I'm glad Bo graduated from Speech. Are you finding him another activitey where he can concentrate?