Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letter from my Nephew in Jail

Living for the simple things in life: Turning our burdens over to Him

I received this letter from my nephew yesterday. I blogged about my nephew being in jail and what he did to get their before. I linked to that in this post.
This is the first letter I have received from him, it brought me to tears.

The top of the paper is dated Sunday Morning 10/22/06

Hi Aunt Lori,

Thank you for writing me, every letter I get makes me look forward to getting home. I still think everyday about the bad choice I made in life and I can't understand why I made them. It has cost me a lot in life. My freedom to be with my children, my license and it almost cost me my marriage forever. God works in mysterious ways, I have grown closer to Him, in all the time I have to myself, I call upon Him for comfort and He gives me peace. I really miss my kids and Terra. I am scared for her having a child by herself, I wish I could be by her side. I have always loved her with all my heart but didn't know how to be a husband or most of all a friend to her. I know now who I am and what I am commanded to be. I will be that or do my best to be that person till God takes me away. It's so hard not being able to be their for them.

I thank you for everything you've done for us. You have always been there for me and Terra and the kids. Tell everyone I said HI.

This boot camp is not so hard but it’s supposed to be the hardest in the country. I must be stronger then the people who said this place was hard. Time really moves slowly here but probably because so much runs through my mind. Terra said that Noah is remembering verses? That is so good and nice to hear.

Hopefully Derik will let me work with him again, I don't I don't know I need a full time job or they will violate me again and I will go back to jail. Pray God will provide me with a job. I know it will be hard without having a license but God will take care of me. I'm not going to stress too much, it will take time and patience but my life will be back on track. The worse part about the whole situation is the kids suffering without a Dad. I wish I never did the things I did. I was not thinking about my kids or myself at the time. I always would try to keep them safe and never put hem in the middle. When I didn't have the kids I was lonely and miserable and drank to get my mind off of things. If I had known who I really was and had the faith in God that I do now, this all would maybe not have happened. I take this as God's big plan to restore my life to Him. I really think this had to happen for me to let Him work in my life. I am just a man and will always make mistakes but God is changing me and my wife.

Again thanks for writing,




jel said...

God is Sooooooooooo good!


Mrs Blythe said...

Oh wow. No wonder you were moved to tears. Praise God.

Connie said...

I'll be praying for him Lori

lori said...

God is good!

Mrs blythe,

I have read this letter many times since last night. I don't think I can read this letter aloud to anyone right now. Jeremy lived with us for 2 years when he was little. He is more like a son to me then a nephew. My husband and I lead him and his wife to the Lord years ago. I just hate seeing what they are going through.

Trial help us grow.

e-Mom said...

The Lord is at work in this man. How very, very sad!

Changing the subject, thanks for leaving me your funny story this morning. I had a good chuckle over that one. Isn't it great that we can still laugh, even in the face of life's tragedies?

BTW, did you notice that I quoted one of your Mom's little funnies in my shoutbox? :~)

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

This letter was good news. Hopefully God has done a great work and everything will turn out in the end for the glory of our Lord. I believe everyone can change and I know your nephew will too. I will pray for him.

Bill said...


What a great spirit you have! God really is at work in your life. May God continue to work in Jeremy's life, drawing him into a closer walk with the Lord.

BTW, glad you stopped by the Spiritual Oasis.

Blessings to you and yours,

lori said...


Thank you so much for your prayers. You are such a busy lady, with trying to provide for all of your children.

I pray God sends a special blessing your way. : )

Hi Emom,

I did see were my mom's funny today. I love your blog. There is more information in your one post than I think I have in all 200 of mine. Keep up the great discipleship. I have grew a lot due to your posts.


It is wonderful news. I just keep sending out letters to him. It was just wonderful to get on back. It really blessed my heart.


I'll be back to read more of your blog.

Barb said...

I am without words, Lori. Another lost soul brought to Christ. Oh my word, this moved me. Thank you so much for sharing this man's heart with us.

lori said...

Thank you for your comment Barb! I would be grateful if you would pray for this family. I love all of them dearly and know that it isn't going to be easy for them for a while. Jeremy will be on probation for 5 years after he gets out of jail.

Gonzalo said...

Anyone can make mistakes and it is good if they realize they have done things wrong