Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My funny Mama sent me these LOL pictures!


jel said...

that was better then a cup of coffee! thanks Lori

do you mind if I send some of these to a friend!

lori said...

Send away!

Barb said...

Boy, Lori, I'm about to fall out of this chair! I scrolled down through all of these and I have to tell you, the baby on the jar of Gerber made me almost swallow my tongue. Right up there with it is the pig who didn't use enough sunscreen. These are hysterical!

And that blond with the huge chest isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she? :-) Thanks for making me laugh so hard!

e-Mom said...

Lori, these are a scream! Every last one elicited at least a little chuckle. I am going to send them on to some unsuspecting comrades. Thanks!

charlie said...

Well, Lori, just say thank you on my behalf to your funny mama!

Pamela said...

Piggy got "fried", is just so funny! I just busted out laughing! The little monkey's are so cute...sound like a good epidemic to start to me! :)

Beverly said...

I love the pig cartoon. Thanks forstopping by my blog again.

Ella is my only granddaughter, and I'm VA for the month being nanny. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis the week after her birth.
Hopefully with early diagnosis, some of the damage to her lungs can be avoided.

I love your cartoons in the prior post also. I had looked at your post the other day, and I didn't bookmark where I had seen the baby on the Gerber's jar.

Jim said...

You Mamma is trying to keep you cheered up? Those are good.
I didn't understand the mailman at the mail box cartoon.

Kathleen Marie said...

Ha! Those are cute and I'm with you, a bit too early for snow, but I don't control the weather up here!

Mountain Mama said...

These are really cute. I saved them to send to friends.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


lori said...


I am glad you enjoyed my moms humor as much as I did.


I enjoyed your riddle post today!


I will tell her!


I like this one also. Laughing is just that a great epidemic.


I visited you blog a little while ago and read about your granddaughter. she is in my prayers.

I am glad you enjoyed these cartoons.


My mom does try and keep me laughing. She told me I take after her?

The old lady couldn't see very well and thought she was putting the envelope in the mail slot!
Jim said...

Kathleen Marie,

Thank you! I am freezing, this weather is burr cold.
Kathleen Marie said...

Mountain Mama,

I am glad you could send them on to others.

J. Andrew Lockhart,

: ) Right back at you!