Friday, October 13, 2006

I couldn't sleep when I got home from work so I thought I would read blogs. I enjoy reading and getting to know people by their post. Someone had one of these counters on their blog. Does this thing really keep track of people visiting your blog? I really don't care how many people come to visit my blog, I blog for relaxation. This is also a way for me to write my thoughts down on “Paper”. I really have enjoyed getting to know people by reading blogs.


mouse said...

I have one of the counters up but I hardly ever even think to look at it. I really just enjoy writing the blog and reading other people's blogs and meeting some really nice people.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lori, it will keep count of how many times your site is visited, including visits you make yourself to post or check comments etc.
It is normally put into your sidebar rather than as a post though so that it can be accessed at any time, above or below your links is ideal, you post the code that you used in the blog post in the sidebar.
Looking at it you may have just pasted that counter in?? if so click on the text "Web site counter" on somebody's blog and paste the code they give you to your sidebar.

lori said...


I promise I won't get crazy over this counter. Soon it will be out of my site and mind.


If I could only figure out how to put things in the side Bar? I have tried so many times it is not even funny.

Barb said...

Peter hit it right on the head. It does tell you how many visits are made to your site. I got rid of mine when it occurred to me two thirds of my count was probably ME visiting my own site. Those things just give you something else to stress about. Who needs it! :-)

dot said...

Mine doesn't count my visits. You can program it either way. It's fun just to see how many people visit.

lori said...

Thank you all for your comments on the counter. I promise I haven't even had time to look at this things.