Sunday, October 01, 2006


I wanted to come up with something for my Awana girls to do while I am working with other girls. I thought I would quiz them on these Old Testement questions.

1) How many books are there in the Old Testament?

Choose Your Answer: A: 27, B: 36, C: 39, D: 42

answer 39

2) On what day of Creation did God create man?

Choose Your Answer: A: Fourth Day, B: Fifth Day, C: Sixth Day, D: Seventh Day

Answer: 6th

3) What was the name of Adam's third son?

Choose Your Answer: A: Enoch, B: Lamech, C: Jared, D: Seth

Answer: Seth

4) What was the first of the Ten Commandments?

Choose Your Answer: A: You shall not murder, B: You shall not steal, C: You shall not commit adultery, D: You shall have no other gods before me

Answer: You shall have no other gods before me

5) At the time of the census conducted by Moses in the first chapter of Numbers, which of the twelve tribes of Israel was the smallest?

Choose Your Answer: A: Judah, B: Gad, C: Manasseh, D: Asher

Answer: Manasseh

6) Which of the following animals were Israelites allowed to eat in the Old Testament?

Choose Your Answer: A: Pig, B: Rabbit, C: Gazelle, D: Eagle

Answer: Gazelle

7) Who was the mother of Samuel?

Choose Your Answer: A: Ruth, B: Hannah, C: Naomi, D: Esther

Answer: Hannah

8) What kind of bird brought Elijah food while he hid in the Kerith Ravine, east of Jordan?

Choose Your Answer: A: Vultures, B: Eagles, C: Falcons, D: Ravens

Answer: Ravens

9) Which of the following is NOT a book of the Old Testament?

Choose Your Answer: A: Habakkuk, B: Amos, C: Zephaniah, D: Enoch

Answer: Enoch

10) What is the last word in the Old Testament?

Choose Your Answer: A: Messiah, B: Judgment, C: Amen, D: Curse

Answer: Curse


Prayer Warrior said...

Hi Lori

Hope you are well.

There are more quiz on

Have a nice and blessed week ahead!


Jim said...

That ought to keep those girls busy for a little while unless they really know their Bible.
I would have to look some up.

Jim said...

p.s. I'm betting they think of you as a good, cool, know-all-the-answers teacher.

PEA said...

Hi Lori...thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I always love "meeting" new people:-) Hope your weekend was a wonderful one!!

lori said...

Prayer Warrior,

Thank you for the site, this will help me a lot. It takes time to come up with question. This will be great!


I love working with these girls. I know this will be hard for them. I thought if they worked together it would keep them busy for a while. I will had out little treats if they get some of the answers right. I give them a bag of treats for working hard to memorize God's word.

I love working with the girls. I can't believe I stayed out of Awana so long. I am glad I am back.


I will spend more time looking through your blog this week. My weekend was good.

e-Mom said...

Quite fun! I got them all right except number 10... I never knew the last word in the OT is "curse." I'll have to look that up!

lori said...


I hope the girls think it is fun. I think if they work together it might be something neat to try and figure all of them out.