Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Weekend

It's really "FAMILY PICNIC"

My children had a wonderful first week of school. Bo had a rough first day; he had a little episode of crying before he went to school. He came home after school very happy and content with his teacher and classmates. My little niece is in his class this year, I think that will be nice.

My twin twelve year old boys said things went really well for them as well. They started football the second day of school. Both the boys are really excited to play football. They play with all the neighbor kids, when they were younger they were in flag football. My husband had the kids work out with him all summer so they could get stronger for Football and wrestling. We haven't gotten into the homework scene yet, we will see how things go after a couple of weeks of ball and school.

Aaron (My 16 year old) adapts to everything. I asked him how his last year in school was going for him. He said things were great, he was excited to have two pretty teachers; I don't think he cares if the classes are hard or not. Hormones!

It is another busy weekend; Last night I went up to the hospital to see my niece, (My sister’s daughter) she was in a very bad car accident last Sunday. She broke her leg in many places, she broke her finger, she has staples in her head, and the skin is off a great deal of her body. (She had to have knee surgery twice this week) They had finally gotten the pain under control yesterday, so I was able to go up and see her last night.

This morning I had to do my motor route and clean the church (I am a Janitor their) there is a wedding this afternoon. At 4:00 p.m. we are going to a cookout at my Aunts house. A lot of my dads relatives (Many I don't know) are going to be their. I really wanted my brother and his family to come so I didn't have to go a lone, with just my kids. (My husband works a second job on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings) My dad really wants me to come meet them, so I will.

Tomorrow of course I have church in the morning and evening. (I sing on a worship team, and I am singing with the Trio I am in)

I really can't think of a time lately that I can say I have been board and had nothing to do.


eph2810 said...

Wow - you sure have a very busy weekend. Hope you can find some time to kick-up the heals.
I am glad that your niece is doing okay.

greenspot said...

i pray your niece will be all okay after the surgery. by the way, how's your niece (Erica) doing? i hope she is doing all right.

lori said...


I just got done with the last of my needed to do things this weekend. A lady that I attended church with passed away Friday. She found out a year ago she had cancer, they couldn't really do anything to help her. Anyway, I am the Janitor at my church so I had to go in after our evening service and make sure it was very clean. I am trying to relax enough to go right to sleep.

lori said...


As of right now my niece (Nicole) is o.k. she is in a lot of pain, but they finally found a medication that doesn't make her sick. They won't know for a while if she will be able to walk on her own again.

My niece (Erica) is doing good. I seen here at church today and she was doing well.
Thank you so much for asking.

e-Mom said...

You are once busy lady! But you sound fulfilled. I'm so glad. God is so good isn't He?

lori said...


I am fulfilled. I went through an entire year forgetting how lucky I am. God has blessed me with a wonderful family. I love doing things for them and being with them.