Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Evening

My children all went to the circus last night with their Grandma. They had a great time seeing all of the circus acts, eating popcorn and cotton candy. It took them about an hour after getting home to tell me all about their evening, even down to what each of them had to eat. I love listening to them talk.

My husband and I were taken out to dinner at Mac's restaurant last night. We had a great time with these people. We are just getting to know them; I am really enjoying their friendship. I Grilled chicken with a basil sauce with wild rice, Ice tea to drink and a wonderful dinner salad with Raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

We closed the restaurant talking and laughing.


Revee said...

Sounds like a great evening for everyone! Isn't it fun how children love to gives us all the details? They have such a wonderful enthusiasm for life.

lori said...

I loved listening to them all try to tell me about their evening, all at the same time. I had to tell them they need to take turns. It blessed my heart more than I can tell you. I know I only have them for a short time; it was only yesterday my 28 year old was home. Now he is married with three children of his own. I want to cherish every moment that God gives me with them