Thursday, August 03, 2006

Evening at the Hospital

I spent the evening at the hospital last night with my niece. When I walked in, she was having another back headache. They were trying to cut back on the medication they were giving her through the I.V. so she could maybe go home soon. Her headache got pretty bad; they had to give her something strong. I could tell my brother and sister-in-law had just about had it. After the nurses got the headache under control things were a lot better. We got to play around with all the people that called up to see how she was doing. When my brother and I get together we get a little silly. At least they all got to laugh a little. The doctor came in and said "if" they can get the headaches under control she might get to go home tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday). They said she still had a spot on the bottom of her lung they were concerned about. The kidney infection is under control now.

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