Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cleaning for the Party

Yesterday was a very busy day! I spent a great deal of the morning baking and cleaning for my husband's birthday party. I guess because I clean for a living, I feel the need to have my house spotless when we have people over. I'm not sure, but I did give my house a good cleaning yesterday. It took me until I had to go to work before I felt it was good enough.

More to come about the party in the next blog.


greenspot said...

you must be very excited for the party.

you still can go to work after cleaning the house? it's either you are an energetic or there were not so much to clean. if i'm cleaning my house it will take me the entire day to get me really satisfied. i'm cleaning my house once a week.. err is that the reason why i take the whole day? i'm a lazy girl to clean the house everyday.

lori said...

I have 5 children living in my house. I clean at least and hour everyday. By the time I do laundry, cook, and clean it takes me hours. I really don't mind, I love doing things for my family.

greenspot said...

wow.. how lucky your husband and children are. and how long you will be at your work place? i wanna be ready, and do everything just like you do to your family before i could turn to marriage life.

lori said...

I bet you will be a be a wonderful wife and mother!

Things are always different when you are single, but when you have a
wonderful husband, and children to take care of things just sort of fall
into place.