Monday, August 14, 2006

Living for the simple things in life: A possible Terrorist plot

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Living for the simple things in life: Mackinac Bridge

Three men are being held in connection with a terrorist plot involving the Mackinac Bridge. As I have stated in my past post, this is my favorite vaction spot. This is very upsetting.

No Mackinac Plot after all

You can read more information about this at


praynlady said...

Hi, for some reason, the picture will not come up but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your visit yesterday. I am really sorry about your vacation spot but maybe the threat is over and no one will mess with it again now that it has been in all the news. I finally added the photos to my post so if you get a chance, go back over and you will see what I was talking about! haha I also have a website at if you have time to go and see it, let me know by commenting at the bottom. Thanks again for visiting. By the way, I read your post just below and was really impressed with your wisdom. I have done several independant studies on things I was wanting to know more about and I was afraid to research this particular subject as I am so good at blinding myself against my sin especially in the past. Thanks for the insight! It was a blessing.

lori said...

I sent you a man's blog address by email. This man posted a blog about The Terrorist plot, I thought if you wanted to read it you can go to his sight.