Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Husband turns 40

My husband turns 40 on Saturday! We are having a party for him tonight because my daughter leaves for Florida on Friday. I couldn't sleep last night for some unknown reason. At 2:00 a.m. my daughter and her friend came in and brought (39, one popped) balloons in and put them all over the floor and in her dads van. She wanted to make his 40th birthday special. She is a sweet young woman! (O.k. I am a little bias)

I will blog about the party tomorrow, right now I have to go bake his cake, clean the house, and sign my children up for school.

BTW- Yes, I did marry a younger man. : )


Jen said...

That was so sweet....thanks for visiting me.

dot said...

Now that would be a shocker to wake up to all those balloons!

Marci said...

What was your husband's reaction to all the balloons? What a great idea.

dot said...

I married a younger man too!

patsy said...

great blog. i love the Lord also.

lori said...

My daughter is very sweet. She is almost 19, she is a wonderful young lady. I am blessed to have had one daughter.

lori said...

Dot, I think my husband was very shocked to find all those balloons, not only in the house but in his van.

Farm girl,

My husband loved every minute of the attention my daughter bestowed upon him today. Not only my daughter but all of my children, and grandchildren. He deserves all of it. He is a wonderful husband and father. I truly am a blessed woman to have such a wonderful and loving husband. Even after all of these years.


How much of a younger man did you marry? I would love to know.


I can tell from your blog that you love the Lord. I will be coming back and spending more time in all of your blogs when my children go back to school.

I promise I will be sad and lonely once again.

I have really enjoyed my summer with my children.

dot said...

He's 4 years younger than me but he likes to put on like I'm a lot older. Some times when we are out some where he'll call me Mamma just to irritate me.

lori said...


My husband does the same thing. He is always saying how much older I am. I just tell him I might be older but he looks older. : ) Now that he is 40 I can tease him a lot more. As you can tell, we like to play around a lot.

greenspot said...

your life sounds full of colors. i just like to read about you and your family. now i know age isnt matter to have a wonderful marriage. my ex-boyfriend (suresh) was 2 years younger than me. and last time when we were in love, i was worried if it will work well if we getting married.

lori said...


I was 22 and my husband was 19 when we got married. It was rough because my husband only made $4.50 an hour at that time. When I look back on it, I am sure I would do it all over again. We had some rough times for sure. When I see how my children turned out and how good my husband is to me. I would for sure do it again.