Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My children have all left for their first day of School

I just got the last of my children off to school. Bo cried! How sad that makes me. He will be o.k. he will get use to it again and love it. I thought he was too old to be crying over going to school, but there were other children around his age crying as well. The twins were o.k. just nervous about finding their classes. Aaron (The big senior) was just tired. I'll blog later about their day.


Tammy said...

I remember my daughter used to get first day of school "butterflies in my tummy"
I hope all goes well!

Tammy said...
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Jim said...

That is great! We have had many of those. I still do it sometimes with the grandkids, a couple of whom are in college now.

mouse said...

My last two started school already, son started his SR year on Aug. 3rd at one county school (he wanted to finish and graduate where he started) and my daughter started 9th grade at the high school where we moved Aug. 14th. Remember when they started school after Labor Day?

lori said...


I couldn't believe how worked up Bo was. He is normally the laid back one. Today was a much better day.

lori said...


Are you saying you cry?

lori said...


I do remember when we started school after Labor day. Next year our city will start school after Labor day. How many children do you have?