Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Twins turn twelve Today

It seemed like only yesterday I was giving birth to my twin boys. I was as big as a house. Do you think these two little boys would come early like most twins do? I grew out of all my maternity cloths but one outfit. Were did the time go? I can't believe they are 12 today. I remember when my 28 year old son turned 12; it seems like a blink of an eye ago. He is now married with three children of his own.

My husband and I have spent the last two evenings getting stuff for their birthday party. Monday we got their gifts, and tonight we bought all the food. They both wanted electric scooters. My husbands bought Bo, (our youngest) a scooter last week when the boy's were gone away with their youth group. They also wanted some computer games and an air soft gun.

One thing we do in our family is we each pick out a birthday meal, on our birthday. They each have a favorite food that they like to eat. The 1/2 hour older twin picked out Spaghetti with meat sauce, Au Gratin potatoes, and green bean casserole. The younger twin picked out Ribs, and mash potatoes with no lumps in them. (Instant) The older twin picked out Confetti cake with blue frosting. His brother picked out Oreo ice cream cake. It sounds like we will have a feast tonight.

We have some family members coming over to help them celebrate. My mom and dad, my husband mom and my son and family. When we all get together, it is alot of people.


greenspot said...

you must be a very good, loving and strong mother and grandmother. i know it's not easy to carry a twins and you must be very strong to grow them up.

your twins must be so happy for the party. arent they?

lori said...

You are so very kind to say this. I try very hard to be the mother God wants for me to be. I'm sure not the perfect mother, but I do love my children and grandchildren alot. Carrying the twins was something, I have to say that. Maybe I'll write about it.

The twins had a good birthday. I was going to write about it tonight. Thanks so much for asking.

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