Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Week in Review

I should have time to post tomorrow. I have to leave soon to take Boaz to wrestling camp. I'm also getting new back tires put on my truck today.

My Birthday meal was wonderful. My husband did a great job!
I didn't get the rug I wanted, only because my husband doesn't have a Sam's Club Card. This is were I seen the Oriental rug that will go with my living room. I received enough bath gel to get me by until Christmas. (My family is so funny) I received a new cool outfit from my daughter. (Jean shirt, new blouse) My husband gave me some beautiful gold earrings. I most forgot the candles I received, I received 4 candles, they go with a glass lamp. It is a lamp that fit's on a candle and lights up when you light the candle. It is my favorite item that my son and daughter-in-law has given me.

Like I said many times, I am a blessed woman. I feel like I don't always deserve there love, but they give it anyway.

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