Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A new Job

I got a new job today! It all really happened pretty fast. An acquaintance told me a few months ago to keep applying for jobs. He told me not to give up just because the one I applied for wouldn't work out with my schedule. I have kept my eyes open the last few months and this job sort of just fell into my lap. The only down fall, is I have to give up one of my other jobs. I have two motor routes, and I work as a custodian 16 hours a week at my church. My husband said; I could take this job, if I give up one of the other three. I hate making decisions like this!!

I will be cleaning for a man who is a multi-millionaire (or so he says) builder in Ann Arbor. He is putting in a big subdivision around the Ann Arbor Area. He is single and around my age, I don't have a problem with this. I can handle myself o.k., the man that I talked to today just told me to watch myself. That mades me a little uneasy, but I think he was just watching out for me, he is a father type. Jim (the man who got me the job) will take me to meet my new boss on Friday at 10:45 a.m. We will sit down and work out the detail. I'm trying to get my own cleaning business going; I am praying that this will get me some contacts.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow!

lori said...

Thank you!