Thursday, June 21, 2007

A loving Thought

The boy's and I are off grocery shopping in Ohio this morning. They all wanted to go with me so my husband took my truck so I could have room in the van for my four boy's. I will be off to work after we return, and I will be off to Worship team practice this evening.

I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulder's now that I feel as if I am living for other's again and not just for myself. I have had seven people this week alone, tell me how worried they have been about me. That is the reason I tried to examine myself and see if something was wrong with me. Instead of thinking about other's and how they would feel if something happened to me, I've been wondering why it matters if I work myself to death or not take care of myself.

I asked for Josh and Ethan to come over on Friday evening. They will be gone away for a week, I wanted to see them before they left. (This started my deep thinking) Ethan asked me when he would see me again. I told him in about seven days. (I do not go longer than four days without seeing my grandchildren, if I do not have to) He is only four but he started counting the day's on his little finger's. He counted seven and shook his head, he then counted four and looked at me with sad eyes and said, "No Nan, I cannot wait that long to see you" It brought tears to my eyes. This little boy loves me that much that he would be upset if he did not see me.

I then started wondering what would happen to my family, my boy's, my husband if something did happen to me. I had a long talk with my daughter-in-law Tuesday. She was in the Mall of America but we talked for what seemed like hours. After that talk I have come to the conclusion that I would be missed if I die or something happened to me. I promised that after getting life insurance (which I will be getting a physical on July 3rd for term Insurance) I would go to the doctor's and start taking better care of myself.

Now you all know the whole story as to why I felt as if everything I did was all about me.

I know there is a verse about taking care of God's temple but I'll have to find it later.


Dianne said...

My grandchildren live in AZ so I only get to see them several times a year. My arms begin to ache for hugs from them. It's tough...

Kristy said...

We'll never really know just how much we impacted someones life until we get to Heaven.
I like to think that God will show me all the little ways, the things that I did and said, that made an impact - whether I did it knowingly or not. The smile, the kind word, the love, even the words that we type on our blog!
Know that YOU are loved by MANY, and are being used by Him daily!!!!
Lots of love to you ~

Linda said...

Lori, thank you for stopping by 2nd cup; I'd love for you to come back. I hope you don't take my humor there the wrong way ... you seem so sweet. I'm enjoying your blog, too. Take care!

MugwumpMom said...

The movie "It's a Wonderful Life" comes to mind - George got to see how different the world would have been if he had not been in it - we each are an important and worthy piece of the tapestry, and in our value, we ought to take care and value ourselves.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

Jim said...

Lori, you are just fine! We all know how caring you are for others, I think everything I know of your doing is for someone else. Even all that hard work!

e-Mom said...

No Nan, I cannot wait that long to see you" It brought tears to my eyes. This little boy loves me that much that he would be upset if he did not see me.. Lori, that's SO sweet. I'm glad you realize you would indeed be missed, and how important you are to your friends (and blogging friends!) and family. {{{Hugs}}}