Monday, June 11, 2007

My computer is Ill!

Posting is at it's lowest right now; I have a lot going on and much to blog about but one of the blowers in my computer is not working and the darn thing keeps shutting down right in the middle of a post. I'm just afraid I'll damage something with it shutting down like that. I thought I'd better just check my mail and comments and not stay on to long.

As soon as we move the computer down in my sons room I'll be back up and running again.

Goodness, I am so silly! I guess I should explain that my computer is upstairs in an area that has no air conditioner. We are remodeling half of our upstairs and the computer is in one of the soon to be walk-in closets. It has been real hot here and the computer over heats and shuts off. After reading Gwen and greeneyes comments, (which I found very funny BTW, LOL) I would explain why my computer is acting up. My sons room is downstairs in the central air. I think we might be moving it tonight.


Gwen said...

Hi Lori.
Glad you enjoyed my joke and I hope your P.C starts to behave it's
self soon.

Greeneyes said...

Sounded funny , your pc in your sons room ,then it will behave again ,,, Hhhhmmm many times I wanted to put my PC in for a time out !!!LOL I know , I am just jokin!
I loved your graduation post , fabulous pics and everything looked fabulous. Congrats to your Son, and by the way your eyes are so beautiful , couldnt tell before from other pics , and your Mom is so young and similar to you I thought it was you at first, wow a double take !
Beautiful Family , God Bless


groovyoldlady said...

Well who wouldn't be cranky in a hot, stuffy room. I don't work well when I'm overheated either!

lin said...