Friday, June 29, 2007

God can take care of Anything!

I have been going through a few problems, hopefully nothing alarming. I told my mom about it this week, she is a dear and has been praying for me. She sent me this encouraging email.

If you think of me just say a prayer! Maybe someday I'll be able to share it with all of my blogging friends.

Hi my Precious Daughter

I have to share with you my weekend because to me it was yet another Miracle from an Awesome God.

WE were fishing and I had been Praying for you all weekend. Concerned yet I know God is able to do Miracles in our lives.

Well I had this awful feeling that I was going to loose my fishing pole. The same as when I Prayed and you know how many things role through your mind while trying to focus.

Anyway a few hours later, it happened I cast out and it was like someone ripped my pole out of my hand and I saw it sinking into the water, the bobber was still afloat (Dad bought me the pole and reel last year for my birthday and I really like it). So when I turned to get the net and turned back it was GONE!

We were at the edge of a sand bar so I thought the water might not be deep. Not so it was very deep, Shiyona said Mommy I will try and get it. She jumped into the water and I put our long pole down to show her I thought it was very deep. It was far
to deep for her to go under water.

Well I decided to put weights and only a hook on a pole and try to retrieve it off the bottom. Of course Dad looked at me like I was crazy. At that moment I kinda felt crazy. Nevertheless I continued to let the line out and Pray as I would pull a few weeds back and actually I hooked a tiny shell. Dad said lets move there are no fish here anymore. I said WAIT a little while, that look I got was okay she really is crazy and she thinks she is going to find that pole HA HA.

I decided (actually something/someone told me go move the line on the anchor) wonder who that was (SMILE). Yes, I know it was Our Lord I moved the anchor rope knowing I was now moving the pontoon and I would loose the area where the pole feel in, yet I did it anyway.

Guess what GOD did, I cast out two more times and I felt something hard to pull up, I kept reeling and I saw my Bobber, line, my Pole, it looked like someone had hooked everything together neatly and there it was. I told Dad look LOOK my Pole. He thought I was kidding, the kids were in Awe, and I then shared ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! SCRIPTURE KEPT ROLLING THROUGH MY BRAIN.

Dad said "What are the possibilities of you ever getting that pole back?
Maybe one in a hundred". He really thought I was kidding when I told
him to look. ONLY A MIRACLE!

At that moment I realized what God was trying to tell me. Yes daughter it was to know He is in charge and He can do all things. Remember my Prayer for you. Well it was for that Prayer that all of this happened because I REALIZE He knows, He answers
and He will take care of all things.

That was the reason for my speech today, and I know He will take care of ALL THINGS!




Neva said...

Praying right now!


Lori said...

Thank you dear friend.

Kerri said...

What a great story. Thanks for sharing your mom's e-mail. She sounds like quite a lady.
I like your post about husbands' feeling too. Good things to think on.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

e-Mom said...

No wonder you're such a wonderful Mom. You have an awesome example to follow! I loved your Mom's "little speech."

I will keep you in prayer, Lori. Hugs.