Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Graduation Party/Graduation Pictures!

Oh boy, last week seemed like a very long week! It is a lot of work getting ready for a graduation party but Aaron worked hard and deserved to be honored for his accomplishments. Yea, I only have two parties to go ! (Boy am I glad I have twins, I get to do theirs together) Everyday last week I found myself doing at least one task to prepare for the party.

Monday my husband and I planted our garden. (That really did have anything to do with the graduation but it need to be done).

Tuesday morning my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law came over to wrap silverware and prepare the menu for the party. After writing everything down we had to come up with the amounts I would need in order to feed everyone coming. Tuesday evening, my husband and I went shopping for all the non-perishable item we could buy to save time at the end of the week.

Wednesday I pulled out the rest of the pictures and memorable items to put on the card table.

Thursday I cooked 15 pounds of Hamburger for the taco salad and I boiled 76 eggs for the seven layer salad.

Friday I decorated the church, rolled all the meat and put the cheese trays together, with the help of my Mother-in-law.

Saturday morning we put together all the salad's and then it was off to church for the party.

Sunday was graduation day; after the ceremony I had all the people that came to the graduation over to my house for left overs. After we were all done, we prepared plates up for our guest to take home.

It is now all over and I am on to getting my husband and boy's things together for a Father and son wrestling camp they will be attending Thursday thru Monday of this week.

Here are some of the pictures from the party and graduation ceremony. I have so many of them it was hard to decide which picture to download. I tried to pick out some that would show a little bit of what we did to prepare for the party.

Food table
The graduation cake
Card table/ Memorable items
Dessert table
Drink table
Coffee table
Aaron getting ready for the graduation ceremony
My babies!

My gang!

Aaron and me
Aaron receiving his Diploma
My sweet baby Jenna! (Everyone says she looks just like her Nan, (ME) Hee, Hee wishful thinking, right?)
My niece (Kendra) turned 16 on Monday so we made her a cake and sang to her after the graduation ceremony on Sunday.
This is Aaron with his Grandma (My husband's mom) This is again at my house after the graduation ceremony. (My boy loves to goof around, that silly smile just kills me)
I didn't have this picture when I posted this blog. My son was supposed to take pictures of all the family at the graduation party, instead he took pictures of our church friends. This is a picture of my Step-dad, my Mom, my two adopted sisters, Aaron and my son Bret.


Neva said...

Beautiful family. I know you are tired. Big celebrations are exhausting but the pleasure and enjoyment they bring to the honorees and guests is well worth it.


e-Mom said...

Oh boy... been there, done that! What a huge amount of effort you put into your celebration, but it looks like it was a huge success! Congratulations, and thanks for posting all your photos. LOVED them. (Now you get some rest, ya hear?) Hugs, e-Mom

dot said...

LOoks like it turned out good!

Linda said...

I would say you all did a terrific job. Your son will have wonderful memories to treasure of this special time.

Amel's Realm said...


The dessert table looks YUMMY. The cake looks SO DELICIOUS! I'm drooling heeerreeee. LOL!!!

You have such a LOVELY family there. :-))))

Btw, THX for visiting my blog. :-)))

jel said...

what a day!


and thank you!

Corry said...

Lori, it all looks so wonderful!!! I think you did a great job and I am thankful all turned out so well.

Now it's time for some R&R, you deserved it, girl. :-)

God's Grace.

Kristy said...

What great pictures, Lori!
(LOVED the newspaper article -how cool is that?)
Looks like you did a fantastic job.
Now it's time to take a deep least for a couple of weeks, huh?
Your little Miss Jenna is a doll!
Lots of love ~

Dan said...

You are such a proud mom! :)

Do you have any food left? I'm starting to get really hungry looking at those photos.

Jim said...

Good pictures, Lori. And congratulations again, Aaron.
Lori, when he comes home on his first shore leave, put him to work painting. All sailors learn how to paint in (what do you call boot camp for Navy guys, I forgot?).

donna said...

a beautiful job Lori...looks like you had so much fun....(and hard work)


groovyoldlady said...

Father and son wrestling camp? Oh my. I can picture my husnband going and coming home needing surgery or something!

Beautiful pics, lovely party, adorable grad.

Mike M said...


Nice party!! Nice Pictures!!


"Early Bird" said...

I'm still in shock at your boiling 76 eggs!!
Congrats to Aaron!
Now you go get some rest!!

Gardener Greg said...

What a great looking family. I know you must be proud of all of their accomplisments. It looks like you put on a wonderful party too. YOu are so tallented. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. haha


Deepak Gopi said...

Thanks for sharing those pics.I feel that I have also aatended that ceremony.We dont have such ceremonies here.
@deepak-It is only for design eyes are kept.We wont eat that,esp head portion.That fish is the most tasty among those :):)

Kristy said...

Your right; your two little sisters are adorable!
btw- you and your mom look girls don't age do you???
hee hee
Lots of love ~
(and don't worry, you will be one of the first to know about our 'china doll' !)

Dianne said...

You're adorable too!

What a great spread. You did a lot to show your love. Wonderful!

thebeloved said...

Excellent work on the displays and food. May your cup overflow with blessings during this new transition.

P said...

Thanks for dropping by my site!!

I am blessed !!

Will drop in and spend time with you later P xx

Deepak Gopi said...

Enjoy a nice week end

Getty72 said...

Wow! Great post...great photos and what an amazing family (oh! and if there is any cake left over, can you send me a piece...LOL!).

Thanks for your comments on my blog too! The photocube can be found on

Happy blogging and let me know if/when you add a photocube to your blog, so that I can come and see it in action.

Inviting Company said...

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If you having another one. We have a fun giveaway each month!

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