Friday, June 15, 2007

Have a blessed weekend!

I think I'll be like my grand baby Ethan (This is a picture I took a few weeks ago at Mcdonald land) and have lots of fun this weekend, I hope you all do the same.

I'll be busy helping with another graduation party this weekend. I helped my brother and his wife last Friday and Saturday at my nieces party. Tomorrow is my friends daughter's party. My friend helped me and I am going to help her, it works out great. I really love helping others and I get to greet all the people that come to the party as well.

I'll be back blogging again soon, I hope! I took on two more cleaning jobS this summer. One of them I should have done next week. My boss and his wife are selling their condo; they ask me to go and clean it up for them. The other one is for a young man, I think is in his Thirties. He travels alot with his job and goes to school as well. I think he just doesn't have a lot of time for cleaning. He also has a brown lab that sheds pretty badly. I think I will be manly cleaning up hair each week.


dot said...

Cute picture!

Hope you enjoy the weekend and don't work too hard!

Linda said...

Have a good weekend Lori. Noone can read your blog for very long and not know what a precious servant's heart you have. You are always doing for others. May you be richly blessed in all you do. See you soon!!

Lori said...


Thank you dear friend! I just cherish every minute with my loved ones. At one time in my life I took there love for grated. I now know that God has given me a wonderful family to love and be loved.




Thank you for this very nice compliment. The graduation party went very well. I loved every minute of service I gave for my friend and her family.