Monday, January 08, 2007

The kids went back to school Today

School started up today after a long Christmas break. (My children would say a short Christmas break) It was very quiet at our house today. I do have to say I got a lot of cleaning done.

My boy's (All four of them) are in wrestling after school so it is still quiet at my house tonight. My 17 year old has wrestling practice 6 days a week and wrestling in tournaments on Saturday's. My 12 year old twin’s full time wrestling practice started up today. They have been going to conditioning two day's a week and special training at the U of M two day's a week. My 9 year old son has Wrestling 2 day's a week and has been involved in some tournaments.

I just have to get use to it being so quiet at my house.

I will be a bit busy the rest of the week. My daughter-in-law is coming over tomorrow so we can order some Mary Kay products on line. Wednesday I have to prepare for Awana, Thursday I am going out to see Terra and Jeremy. I told Jeremy after he got out of Jail I would bring him some of my homemade cheese cake and Chocolate pie. I think I will make him some Chocolate chip cookies as well and take them some lunch. I have to take there children the Christmas presents I bought them. Jeremy can’t leave his house for 90 day’s so they couldn’t come to Christmas at my mom’s house.

Friday morning I work my cleaning job. That just about covers my week. The rest of the week won't be so lonely as today seemed. I can't believe my life can be so full and yet so lonely when all the family is gone.


Kathleen Marie said...

It sounds like you have a full week planned! I buy MaryKay for myself and girls - so am licensed just don't sell to the masses. I like their stuff and have for years.

Thanks for the prayers for my Dad!

john said...

Hi! I know the busy feeling well. I have 3 daughters playing basketball in 3 different leagues with practices and games almost every day-1 son who is playing basketball at school with practices every day and games 3 days a week. Then there is football, soccer, wrestling, and band, and chorus. Ah, the joys of parenting.
Bless you, lady!

Linda said...

Another busy week. Jeremy is going to love all those wonderful sweets. I hope he's doing well.
Take care and have a good week.

Pamela said...

Aww, nice to have the peace and quiet of a silent house! lol Wow, all four of your boys wrestle! My two sons wrestled in High School too and were co-captions of the wrestling team. :)

Their Dad and I raised over $2,000. for the team, the next year they elected me President of PTA. Too much! I declined!!! :)

Jim said...

Don't forget to add writing your blog and devotional every day.
It is a sad day when one of these guys leaves too. I heard later that my dad was very sad when I left. I never thought of him as having emotions like that.
You devotional about Joy in the Lord hit home here today.

Jim said...

Also meant to say that you are going to be rich in heaven. It seems you are laying up lots of treasures there. [Matthew 6:20]

Anonymous said...

Awww.... Have a peaceful time!
God bless
Maria in the UK