Saturday, January 13, 2007

Prayers are answered

Praise the Lord! God is soooooo very good.

My dear daughter,

Prayers are answered when we least expect them! God let's us wait ..... I
just realized waiting is how God let's us know this truly came from Him.

Your nephew has a job....... Yes Jeremy....... Don't say I told you but I am
excited I know we have all been Praying.

Derik hired this boy back. PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD!

I did not think it would happen, God knew in advance!

What a Blessing!

Had to share


PEA said...

Oh Lori, that truly is wonderful news! Jeremy is very lucky to be getting a second chance with his job!! Hugs xox

dot said...

That's great that he got his job back!

lori said...

Pea and Dot,

I am so happy that he did get his job back. God is so good!

Blessing to you both,


Barb said...

Believe me, I know what a blessing it is to get a job. Congratulations, Jeremy!

lori said...


Yes indeed, congratulations to Jeremy! God has given him a second chance with his family and his job.

What an awesome God we serve.