Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas pictures

This picture is of my son holding my Granddaughter Jenna-Benna in her Christmas outfit at my mom's house Christmas day. Jenna's Momma is in the back ground facing forward.

This picture is also out at my mom's house on Christmas day. This is a picture of my son A.J. my older son B.C. and my husband. My husband is the one opening the gift.

My daughter-in-laws mother dressed my Granddaughter up in play clothes, as you can see Jenna has the cute baby look going on. If you look at my picture on the right, I think she looks just like "ME". Hee, Hee


jel said...

some great pictures there!

oh and Lori, the tree on my blog, is a cedar tree !

you have a great weekend

lori said...

Thanks Jel!

Linda said...

She sure looks a lot like you. She is just adorable. I love your pictures.

lori said...


Thank you so much for making my night.

Susie said...

What an adorable baby. I'm loving the headband!

e-Mom said...

Loved catching up with your blog today! (I've been away taking care of aging parents.) I love your honest heart... it's out there in this journal for all to see. (Loved the jokes, your devotions, and your passion for music too.)

Your granddaughter Jenna is SO precious in that red outfit. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, e-Mom

PEA said...

Such a beautiful family you have Lori!! Loved seeing what they all look like:-) Your little grandaughter is absolutely adorable!! Hugs xox

dot said...

She's a cutie pie!

lori said...


Thank you so much! I love the headband as well. She is just a bundle of joy.


Thank you for your very nice words.
How nice of you to take care of your aging parents. What a kind and loving heart you have.

Thank you for the comment about Jenna, I think she is the sweetest little girl.


Thank you for your sweet and kinds words about my family. I think they are pretty special too!


Thank you! I think she is a cutie pie also.

Blessing to you all,


donna said...

So cute !!! Glad you shared.

Rosa said...

What a cutie in her tiera! Thank you for visiting me. Happy New Year! Cheers.

Karmyn R said...

OH my - she is too adorable! What a sweetheart. You must really love her to pieces!