Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Dress Rehearsal

The man I am singing with was teasing the groom telling him his bride still had 2 day's to change her mind.

I just walked in the door from the dress rehearsal, rehearsal Dinner. I went with the man that I will be singing the duet with and his wife. They offered to drive me to and from the rehearsal and the wedding so I took them up on it. There was no reason for me to drive that far by myself in an area that I don't know very well.

On our way home there was a very bad accident that had just happen just prior to us getting their. It involved 5 cars and an 18 Wheeler. One of the cars was totally in golfed with flames when we pulled up into the accident. I pray whoever was in that little car got out safety before it went up into flames. What an awful way to end a very nice evening. We were stuck in traffic for over an hour before they let us pass.

It has rained here most of the day so it is a little bit soggy, which to me makes that long drive nerve racking. I was already a bit nervous when I got to the church. We only had an hour to run through the rehearsal twice. Our Pastor thought there wasn't time for Jeff and I to sing our song so we said that would be fine. Well, when everything was done Becca insisted we sing the duet. While everyone was seated and eyes on us we sang the duet. Jimmy's mom came up to the fellow I will be singing with and said that her and her husband are musicians and was a little weary of Becca having someone besides the professional singer they know. She told Jeff that we did a very good job and thought it would be great on Saturday. She came up to me before I left and said that I did a nice job. If it was good enough for the Grooms mom, than I think it will pass at the wedding Saturday. I am still really nervous!!!!

Tomorrow I have to work in the early a.m. at my house cleaning job, than my motor route. I have to find a dress to wear to the wedding after work tomorrow. They are wearing colors that I do not normally wear. I will go to the mall and see what I can find.

I’ll journal all about the wedding as soon as I have the time. The weekend is going to be a bit busy with work and the wedding.


PEA said...

How I'd love to hear you sing:-) I hate coming upon an accident on the roads...I don't mind the waiting part so much, it's wondering if anyone was hurt or killed that worries me the most. It does sound like you'll have a busy weekend ahead of you...hopefully you'll have no problems finding a dress! Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding and I've no doubt your singing will be greatly appreciated:-) xox

eph2810 said...

I think you will do a wonderful job. Just keep your eyes fixed on the cross and all will go well.

You are very busy -- take care of yourself...