Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lori's MaMa Here

Hopefully this picture will post because I would like you to tell me since you have seen many pictures (without looking at them) who is this little one?

I actually had the wonderful opprotunity to hear from our Lori. She is having fun with her family. I am sure she misses all of us. HeHe
I have been thinking about Lori and I as she was growing up and I had to laugh about this one. We used to go everywhere together. It was fun and I enjoyed it so much. She loved to drive so she always did.
We went shopping at K-mart one very warm summer day. When we finished we went to the car to get in Woops No keys, doors locked. Well the keys were actually in the car. Now what??? Standing out in the heat.
WE were very fortunate to have a nice employee come out and he had something that actually opened the lock. Yippee.
Of course I was not the happiest with my daughter. Then as I remembered this I e-mailed her and said remember when WE left the keys in your car??
I now realize she is so much like me that I had to take on the responsibility of blaming myself since I too could have noticed the keys.
Sorry Lori MaMa admits now you took after me.........HeHe.

L's MaMa


dot said...

Cute picture! Lori sounds so much like my daughter. There is nothing like a mother/daughter relationship.

Amel's Realm said...


Yes, I also miss listening to my Mom's stories. I LOVE her stories about anything. We used to go to the malls together to enjoy ourselves or watch a movie there. I agree completely with Dot...a mother shares a special bond with their kids. :-)))

I'm SO grateful to have a mother like my Mom. ;-D That reminds me, I better write a love letter to my Mom soon he he he...

Back to the post...GLADLY you found someone to help you when the keys were left in the car he he he he...

Linda said...

How nice of you to fill in for Lori. I'm glad she's having a good time with her family.
The picture is adorable. I've left my keys in the car a time or two - and there was noone to blame but me!!

Lori said...


I think Jenna took after "ME" LOL!!

Keep up the great work!

I have lots of pictures to show you from our vacation!



About the keys! I didn't grow out of it after I left home.

Mike M said...

Great post!!

Neva said...

It is so nice to meet you, "Lori's mama"---you have so much to be proud of.


Jim said...

Just catching up here, I've semi-retired from blogging for a while.

MaMa, you do good with the blog. Perhaps you will get one when Lori takes over completely.

Lori, I'm glad you could figure out how to write now and then also.

We are proud of A.J. I am surprised he kept on fishing after the run-in with the game warden.