Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still Waiting

Thought each of you would like to know that Lori is still waiting to hear from AJ.
Please continue to Pray for her, this is a time when we have to let go, but it hurts to let our precious children out of the nest and on their own. To know we are not needed as much, and if we are, we don't know it because our children are worried someone might just think they are Mommy's babies. (smile) (as we did)
The reason she has not heard from him... Well the day he left there were storms everywhere, so flight did not leave, then a continuation of storms for several days left him grounded.
Lori was actually able to see him, take him to dinner and bring him home for a few hours. Making it harder to let go. It has been nice weather for at least one day so now it is the wait to see if he is able to fly out or if he has arrived at his destination.
Plus sweet daughter came home for a week and lori had to let her go again.
It is so hard on family, it is a good thing for children to grow up, yet it is also so hard to step aside.
I shared with her that even though she is grown, has children, a husband I still feel as though she is my baby. Our children are always loved deep in our hearts.
As God loves us we love them.
He Loves us, corrects us, and never lets us go beyond where he wants us to be. Even though we grow up, at least we think we do. We never grow up enough to be without our Heavenly Father. How much it must have hurt Him to watch His only son JESUS be the penalty for our sins. Yet with so much Love He let go for only seconds, We know the verse My God, My God why has though forsaken me? Not forsaken yet the sin on Jesus was far more than God could look at. He did all that for His Love for us.
I see the picture as I look at a Parent's love. As God placed that in our hearts His LOVE.

I will let you know or Prayerfully Lori will hear soon and let us know where our AJ is. Please continue to Pray for AJ as his new life is beginning.

Lori's MaMa


dot said...

Hope she hears something soon. Will continue to pray for Lori, AJ and the family.

Neva said...



Mike M said...

You have my prayers

Lori said...

Hi Mom,

I still haven't heard from Aaron! I am sure I won't hear anything until he is able to write me. I'll give you the address as soon as I get it.

I'm doing a bit better now! Everything you wrote here in the post is so very true. I think I'm doing some better. I know that A has to grow up and move on with his life. I am sure I wouldn't be a happy camper if my children stay babies forever.

I have stayed very busy this week, this has helped a lot.

I'll talk to you soon,


Lori said...

Dot, Neva, and Mike,

Thank you so much for praying for our family. We are going through a bit of Aaron and Becca withdrawals right now. I do PTL that my children are headed in the right direction.