Monday, August 13, 2007


It was our turn to spend some time with AJ. And we had so much fun. We like to fish so we had the whole weekend to fish with AJ.

I Prayed for sunshine,at least no rain, even though the forecast called for rain. I prayed AJ would catch a nice fish too. We also saw the game warden was out and about. No problem we had everything under control. Right!

God had everything under control, we had NO RAIN, absolutely beautiful weather, warm sunny sky's. That big fish well it never happened until after the game warden stopped and ask for all our into. AJ told him the truth about his age. Yikes wrong... we were wrong about the age he had to be for a fishing license. Yet God changed the heart of the warden and he let it go since we really were clueless as to the actual age and of course this young man is going to serve our Country.

Well still no big fish, dark out and ready to go in, leaving the next morning and low and behold the big one hit. YES! he got it, that was awesome and we were all Thanking God.

Remember The Truth will set you FREE! Our little daughter quoted the scripture after AJ told this man the Truth. Awesome.

We not only caught fish but had a bonfire, went swimming in the Lake. That was a new one for me since I have not been in the Lake to swim in a long time. Well actually I had a life jacket on to avoid the seaweed to get to the deeper part, plus I am not the best swimmer in the world. Actually doggie paddle would be what you call it.

I had to Post and let all of you know How Awesome our God is, I know sometimes we get sidetracked and forget to give Praise....Today is Praise to our Lord and Savior for his many Blessings and Thanking Him for allowing us the opportunity to spend some good quality time with our grandson.

L's MaMa who is still smiling.


Lori said...

Aaron really did have a wonderful time Mom. Thank you again for making his last days here, before going to the Navy special for him.

Only 7 more days until he leaves. I'll confess, I've been a bit weepy. I know he will do just fine and he does need to move on and find his way in life. I will just miss our funny young man.

Love ya lots,


Amel's Realm said...

GREAT post, L's Mama, makes me feel HAPPY too!!!

BIG HUGS for Lori. It IS hard to let go...

Jim said...

Just catching up here, I've semi-retired from blogging for a while.

MaMa, you do good with the blog. Perhaps you will get one when Lori takes over completely.

Lori, I'm glad you could figure out how to write now and then also.

We are proud of A.J. I am surprised he kept on fishing after the run-in with the game warden.