Monday, July 30, 2007

Yes it is her Mom

Hi Everyone

Just a short note to tell each of you Hello. I also miss my daughter too. She does need some time to spend with her family. She works hard. We had a laugh one day as we were talking about all the things she does in a day. She thought for a minute and said "I wonder if anyone would believe me if I told them what I do". She has always been a hard worker and devoted Mother and wife as you can see. Now she is still the hard worker,devoted mother, wife, grandmother and she is a great mother-in-law. Yes her daughter-in-law is a sweetheart too. lori does do more in one day than most of us get done in a week.
I am so Thankful each time I read her Devotions about our Lord and Savior Jesus!
She amazes me the time she spends learning of all He is and what He wants out of each of us.
I too will spend some time with her son, my favorite Grandson, as everyone says. Only because when he was a little fellow he never gave me any problems, I never could understand why others would get upset with him. Well as I heard some of the things he did(nothing serious) just normal boy stuff that would cause a parent to not be happy with the child. I had to smile because I never saw that part of him.
So yes he was labeled Grandma's Favorite.
Lori and I are not just Mother and Daughter but friends, very dear friends. I am so Thankful she is exactly what God has intended her to be. She sings, okay I have to share this (sorry daughter) she used to stand in front of her mirror with a hairbrush (as a mic) and sing. We would smile and tease her but as I look back, God had already chosen her to sing for Him.
Okay you can tell I am proud of her and who she is.
Next time I blog for her (or about her) I will have to add some funnies since she knows me as also making her laugh.

Keep her in your Prayers............Thank You in advance!


Jim said...

Welcome, Mom. You have a daughter who we all are proud of, I know you are the proudest.
Lori is a very hard working lady, and I'm betting she got it all from her mother.
You had a nice post, I will come back to red more.

Jim said...

Typo, I will come back to read more of your blogs.

Corry said...

Hello Lori's Mom!
Nice to see you and read your posts. Lori made an understatement when she told us we would enjoy you. I enjoy it very much! :-)

Have a very blessed day and I will remember Lori in my prayers.

God's Grace.

dot said...

A very nice post mom! Looking forward to those funny stories about Lorie.

Kristy said...

How cute that Lori's mom is taking over for a bit !
I love it!!
She's in my prayers.
**hugs to you both !**

Amel's Realm said...

You're a rocking Mom!!! ;-D I look forward to reading more posts he he he...