Monday, August 20, 2007

Prayer Please for someone very special

Just a note to ask for Prayer for Lori as she will miss AJ so much, as we all will. He will be serving our country and that means all of us.
He is a Blessing to his family, and to his Grandma and Grandpa who will also miss him very very much.
I can't say enough of how very proud we are of him and I know how much Lori looks at him with nothing but pride and Thankfulness to our Lord for how much he blesses her with all her children but at the moment AJ.

Please say a Prayer for Lori and for AJ as he begins his new life.

L's MaMa and AJ's Grandma who will miss him too!


dot said...

I will remember all of you in prayer.

Kristy said...

Praying for all of you as well!

Hugs from Oregon~

Godwyn Lim said...

Sister, I am standing with you in prayers!

A short prayer for AJ:

Father in Heaven, as our dear brother in Christ, AJ serve the State, we thank you for all the Blessings & Favors you reign in His daily life as we are your children of most high God!

I pray for his safety in Jesus name, as the scripture promise, "A thousand may fall at AJ side, & 10 thousand at his right hand, But it shall not approach him. No evil will befall him. Nor any plague come near his tent.

No weapons can prosper against AJ but whatever AJ touches prosper through the finished of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross!

Jesus we love you as you have FIRST love us! Thank you for all you Gave..


I haven't been blogging but I will do so from time to time as workload is heavy:-) Drop by when you are free, I just wrote an entry few days back!

Shalom & Trust in Him for ALL things...

Linda said...

Please tell Lori I'll be praying for her and her precious boy.

Lori said...


Thank you for asking for prayer for us. His recruiter called this morning. He will picking Aaron up around 2 p.m. We got your message, Aaron said he is going to call you tomorrow morning. Letting my baby go is going to be very hard. I know that God will watch out for Him now but man is it hard. I will miss my very funny boy!

Sunday with the family was wonderful! Aaron had such a great time, as did the other boy's. My boy's have never been tubbing before so it was pretty special for them.

I'll talk to you soon!



e-Mom said...

What a privilege to be in on your family's goings-on. My prayers to you Lori, and for AJ too! Thanks to your Mom for doing an awesome job of guest-blogging. :~)

jel said...

hi Lori,

will be lifting y'all up in prayer!