Monday, July 16, 2007

My Birthday Pictures!

I want to thank all of my wonderful blogging friends for the great Birthday blessings I received. I lived through the day without any mishaps. My family, as always was very, very good to me.

My husband made me a wonderful burger on the grill with Swiss cheese, grilled mushroom and onions (my favorite) We also had a fruit tray, veggie tray with chips and dip. I asked for a carrot muffin from Whole foods. I am the only one around our house now that eats carrot cake so I asked my husband for a single portion. If he made me a big cake, I would eat the whole thing!

Here are the gifts I received from my wonderful family. My children gave me some hair products that I asked for too! I did receive a card and a call from my Rebecca! The card was very funny, I'll save that for another day.

One thing I couldn't figure out for the longest time when I was downloading these pictures today was where my granddaughter Jenna was. She was on my hip while I was taking the pictures. Hee, Hee No new pictures of Jenna!

My Carrot muffin (Yummy)
Flowers from my husband! Red carnations are my favorite flower! He is so good to me!
Yeaaaahhhh!!! I received the new Chris Tomlin CD from Bret & Jessica and my 3 adorable grand babies.
New P.J.'s from Bret & Jess and my babies!
This is also from Bret & Jessica. I really needed a new curling iron.

A purse and facial products from my Dad, Mom and little sisters.
This is a picture of my new little corner of the world. I had a bare spot in my living room and wanted to place something in the corner that I could sit on. This is my new bench (It goes with the curtains in my living room) and my new book shelf. If you look above the bench you will see a picture. (See below)
I received this picture from my Daughter-in-laws mom. I love the Bible verse and the colors go perfect with my living room.
I received this Humming bird feeder from my Dad and Mom on Mother's Day. I placed in a tree right in front of my front porch swing so I could watch for the humming birds. I was sitting reading my book on Friday evening and sure enough I saw a humming bird eating from this feeder. Thanks Dad & Mom and my two little cute sisters.


jel said...

sounds like ya had a good time!

Amel's Realm said...


You DO have such a WONDERFUL family!!!! ;-D

e-Mom said...

Hippo birdie two ewes!!! I love carrot cake too. What a good idea--a single portion can be bought in muffin form. SMART! Praise God for your loving family. :~)