Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day (Let Freedom Ring)

I want to say thank you to all the men and women who have and are now sacrificing there lives so we can have a free County. My Grandfather and my son both served in the Military. My 17 year old son will be leaving for the Navy in 3 months.

Thank you for serving our Country!

Dear Lord,

Please bless our men and women serving in the Military today. Please watch over them and keep them safe.

"My country tis of thee.... From every mountain side, Let freedom ring." The Liberty Bell is a prized American symbol of freedom. The Lord often speaks about freedom and love; freedom and faith that leads to the great hope of everlasting friendship with God and each other. Our Savior died on the cross and rose from the grave of our sins that He took upon Himself. We too, rise with Him from the darkness of our graves of sin to the light of life in Christ. So we could be set FREE!

This is my Son B.C. he served in the Navy for 4 years.

Living for the simple things in life: My Son's days in the Navy

Living for the simple things in life
This is my Grandfather; what a handsome man I think he was.


dot said...

Happy Memorial Day Lori! You have some handsome men in your family!

Linda said...

We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Lori.

byhisgracealone said...



Neva said...

We all need to thank them---freedom wasnt free--nationally or spiritually. The cost is always great.


chocmintgirl said...

Happy Memorial Day to you, Lori! Yes, your grandfather was indeed a handsome man. Your son looks like him except for the eyebrows, I think.

Mike M said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more.


Deepak Gopi said...

Your grandfather is really handsome