Friday, May 11, 2007

A happy Ending!

This house on my route always reminds me of a beautiful doll house.

God blessed my efforts in a mighty way yesterday.

To make a long story short, A.J. got suspended from school yesterday for fighting. He has just a few weeks left of his Senior year, to be honest, I just couldn't imagine him fighting. He always gets along with everyone he is around. (That thought came much later)

I picked A.J. up from school and instead of over reacting, and saying something that I would regret later, I didn't say a word.

After setting down and posting my thoughts yesterday, his school called and
said that he hadn't really gotten into a fight, he and another Wrestler were goofing around in the Cafeteria before school. What the Principle thought was a fight, was nothing more then horse play. They said they couldn't have goofing around like that in school.

Instead of being suspended for three days they were going to just suspend him for one day.

I thank the Lord for blogging friends that are disciplining me into being the Godly woman I am suppose to be.

Thank you E-mom for your Proverbs 31 post.

My son was so shocked that I didn't yell at him, he thanked me for not over reacting and for believing in him. (I am ashamed to say, I normally over-react first)

I love happy endings, don't you?


Gardener Greg said...

Great story Lori. I need to remember that because I am sure I will cross that bridge one day. It is wonderful that you had the strenght not to over react. I am constantly put to that test and I sometimes fail.


Linda said...

I do love happy endings and this was a wonderful one. I'm so glad it all worked out. You did good Mom.
Have a very happy Mothers' Day.

Neva said...

Happy Mother's Day


Maria del Carmen said...

I, too, am learning how to breathe and apply God's principles in my parenting the kids. I don't want them to respect me out of fear, but to come to me with the truth and know they won't be condemned for it. God is my role model!

dot said...

I like happy endings too!

Gwen said...

Hi Lori.
Hope ok after his ordeal at school,it's very true you should think before you speak.
It would have been a shame if A.J.
was suspended for some thing he was not guilty of.
Stay Well...