Monday, April 30, 2007

Yes Jim, Spring has arrived in MI

The first three pictures are of my back yard!

This is what I see when I look out my sliding glass door.

The next two picture are a different angle of my back yard.
This is taken behind the garage; we put our pool back here.
This is our garage; The downstairs hold's two cars, plus it has a full workshop area. In the upstairs of the garage, we have a weight room plus a wrestling mat for the boy's. On the left side of the upstairs is all my unpacked boxes from 3 years ago when we moved in. The red Ford Ranger is my truck; this is what I deliver my paper's in. The green Van is our my back up plan if anything happens to my truck.
This is a front view of my house. What I love most of all about Spring, is the day's when I have the time, to just sit on my front porch swing and enjoy the outdoors.
This is our garden area; My husband has it tilled and ready for planting. I also love the jungle gym; it is nice for my children and my Grandchildren.

Lastly, all of my Tulip's have bloomed.

I think, I've said this many times before! I love Spring and everything that goes along with it.


dot said...

I love spring also. That garage looks and sounds like it's really big.

lori said...


That garage is how I got my husband to move 3 years ago. My husband is wonderful and very content with what we had. We lived in a three bedroom mobile home. Has the kids got bigger it was really hard to come up with room for the kids clothes and toy's. This garage really helped.

Anonymous said...


I finally had a chance to look at our blog. The pictures of your yard are great!

I was sitting here thinking as I looked at your white picket fence and I remembered your Grama's words. She loved to be with you kids and I am so Thankful you were able to know her.

All she ever wanted in life was a house with a white picket fence and a happy life with her family.

Sorry to say she got a lot of hurt during her life, and never had the white picket fence. But she sure would be smiling if she could see her grandaughter right now. She would love your house, your picket fence and most of all you and the kids. I have thought this before but never said it to you about the picket fence.


Barb said...

Love, love your spring photos. Everything is so green! This is exactly why I think spring is my favorite time of year - everything comes alive again. What a great back yard for grandkids.

Linda said...

Spring is a lovely time of year, and we're actually having one this year instead of rushing headlong into red, hot summer.
I love your pictures. Your home looks so welcoming and cozy. Front porches are the best, and one with a swing is perfect.
Enjoy this lovely weather.

Sheila said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your house is so pretty..It truly looks like home, and now that spring is here you have a lovely big yard to enjoy too.
I love your picket fence...!!

Susie said...

Love your white picket fence and front porch with swing. It's so homey and welcoming!!
The tulip just really says "spring", doesn't it??

Gardener Greg said...

You have a wonderful yard. Nice pictures. I jumped here off of Dot's blog.


byhisgracealone said...

Lovely....I enjoyed