Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Safe and Sound in Texas!

I had a very rough day yesterday! I knew I would, so it came as no surprise to me that my head pounded all day and I'd be sick to my stomach. It is just normal signs when I am upset about something. It will be hard for a while but that is just all part of raising children. Children go through many different stages growing up. I believe parents do as well. This is just another season in my life I have to deal with. I am happy for my daughter!

The trip to the airport was, let's just say, a most interesting and very crazy trip. We missed the Smith parking structure, this is where we instructed to park. (My oldest son was correct, I wasn't listening) I finally figured out how to turn around and go back the other way. I then parked in the wrong parking structure. I parked in the McNamara Terminal instead of the Smith Terminal. We had to take a shuttle to the Smith Terminal. It was very nerve racking! We got their in plenty of time to get her on her flight.

The boy's seemed a lot better last night, No more tears!

Rebecca made it to Texas around 3:50 p.m. yesterday. There was a misunderstanding as to where she was flying into so Grandpa and Grandma went to the Dallas airport; they told them that Southwest didn't fly into their airport. They called me and told me if Rebecca called they were on their way. They headed for Lovelace Airport. To make a long story short, Rebecca flew in on an ATA flight not a Southwest flight. She was at the Dallas Airport. She called and asked were her Grandparents were and told me she was at the DTW airport in Dallas. Finally, after about an hour, they found each other.

Rebecca said, "Both flights were great" She said, "She had great seats". She did tell me a funny story about a guy who was seated next to her on the way from Chicago to Texas. I guess he told her his whole life story. He was 27, married for 6 years, one child, he owned his own business and was traveling to Dallas to meet his partner for a business meeting. I had to laugh at her! She said, "Way to much information". (Chuckle)

She is now safe and sound in Texas.


dot said...

Glad she made it safely. I know that is a big relief for you!

lori said...


Yes, I am very releaved.



Live, Love, Laugh said...

I know you were happy she arrived safely, I always hate the waiting to find out if everything is okay. I keep remembering I have to let things go.

lori said...


Rebecca was a little nervous about changing planes in Chicago. This of course made me nervous.

Letting go, how do we do it? I know I have to let go but it is very hard.