Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"What Christmas means to me" This one comes from our Video camera personal at my church

I asked yet another one of my friends "What Christmas means to him" This fellow is such a servant. He spends so much time running our video cameras. He made the fliers for me for our "Worship Fest". My heart is touch by his love for the Lord.

Christmas stories, eh?

You want to know what I see as I look with my heart's eye this time of year?
I see a growing family of God.
I see the incredible fellowship between those that have a a soul bent towards Christ.
I see little children raised up to know that, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Jesus".
I see God's name lifted up in accurate, enthusiastic exhortation of His Word.
I see the joy in faces and hear the quivering of voices as the full breadth of God's faithfulness is extolled in praise and worship.
I see the tear-stained cheeks of willing spirits in submission to the only love in the world that is unfailing.
I see opportunities abounding to reveal God's simple truth to a world that we've already been told is "ripe for the harvest".
I see outreach into other countries bringing light into that which was dark.
I see the power of prayer overwhelming despair, hopelessness and anger.

and then,

I see my selfishness in desiring comfort and possessions.
I see my timidity in my witness to others.
I see my slothfulness in not working to my full potential.
I see my unfaithfulness when I control situations that are clearly God's to control.
I see my thoughtlessness when I allow my tongue to overtake my mind.
I see the world in its permissiveness and extravagances tempt me away from
I see the ones I love, but don't see the ones God loves.
I see the hurt and sorrow in the lives of my neighbor and am 'thankful for I am not like them'.

I see my -sin- all too infrequently.

I ask you, why should I be thankful for this time of year?

Why should I be thankful for realizing the pitiful life I lead for Christ and how short I fall in following in the footsteps of our Lord?

How can I participate in merriment and celebration for a life that was destined to be brutally taken because of me?

But then..
How can I be silent over the joy that His incredible Grace and unbelievable Mercy have brought me?

How can I not lay my hands over my eyes and praise Him all the day long for giving me a heart that knows The Almighty God?

How can I not submit to the Spirit that reveals my sin, and then repent -each day- of my failures?
How can I not reach out to those that do not know Him? - For I know how much He
has forgiven me.

How can I not feel the most personal touch of the most incredible person to have ever walked the earth, the very person of God, and not sing as though my heart was bursting at the seams?!

I choose to praise Him - this day, every day. Amen.


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Pamela said...

Ahh, beautifully written! So powerful and my heart is bursting at the seams from listening to your angelic sweet voice... :)

God is so faithful and this is such a truly beautiful season...I just love your spirit!

Your Mom is a treasure I love her sense of humor too...very sweet! :)