Friday, December 15, 2006

A very special dinner Date!

This new and improved Beta-blogger is really becoming a pain. I can't seem to post on any blog but a few. It is very upsetting! I think they should have worked out the bugs before having people switch over.

It has been a very long day today. I got home late from work and back up early this morning to get the kids off to school. I dropped Bo off at the bus stop and off to work again. My employer didn't tell me he wanted me to wash all of his floors today so I didn't bring my mop. He has four big areas, plus a foyer and two long hallways that have to be mopped. His floor is beautiful, it looks like brick but with a very nice shine on it. I have never seen anything like it. He lives in a very expensive area of town and he is trying to sell his house. With having no mop and only 3 1/2 hours before I have to go to my next job, today it was done on my hands and knees. Their was no time to go buy a mop, that was a lot of work for this old body. Praise the Lord for who ever invented mops! My employer is having a party tonight and wanted it to look extra nice. It looked nice but boy am I tired.

I got my truck back yesterday! I had just had major brake problems the week before and it cost me a bit of money to get them fixed. When I heard an awful noise coming from the back brakes again I freaked out. A part on the back brake had fallen off and was making a very awful noise in the drum. As I was walking to get my truck from the garage, my twins best friends mom came pulling up and gave me a ride. What a blessing that was. She said she was just about to call me and ask if the boys could go to a youth function with her boys and then spend the night. So, they are off with their friends tonight.

I had a very special dinner date tonight. He was so very charming! He wanted to sit on the same side of the table as I sat so we could cuddle. I told him I didn't think that was a very good idea but he insisted. We had a wonderful conversation about many different things; Christmas, family, friends. It was great until the phone rang and his older brother was on the line wondering why we didn't pick him up and take him to the restaurant with us. (My special dinner date was my 9 year old son Bo) He was very cute! He wanted it to be just a Bo and mom night out. A.J. was a bit upset but I brought him home his favorite meal from Taco bell so he wouldn't be to upset that we left him home. I had to pick Bo up from my husband before he went in to work. My twins, as I had said spent the night at their friend’s house and Bo is too little to stay alone until I get home. We made the switch at Daddy's work.

I better go get some cleaning done before I go to bed.


jel said...

Hi Lori, sounds like you had a ruff day,

that is a rooster in that picture

Northern Farmer said...

That sound the brake made, we just had that too! Not good!
Get some good rest!
God Bless

Sue said...

Glad your got the brake problem fixed before it became serious. I used to work in an auto shop and brake problems are nothing to take lightly.

Pea said...

Washing floors on your hands and knees are no fun...I remember those days and as you say, thank goodness for mops!!!Glad to hear your truck is now repaired! Awww what a very delightful dinner date you had:-) Hugs xox

Pamela said...

Goodness, that sounds like a huge area to have to do on your hands and knees. I can just imagine how pretty those floors looked when you were done! Nice that you got the brakes fixed up too!

blogger has been a pain, hope it will let me comment now.