Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Holly, Jolly Christmas Party

My dad is still not doing well. He called me yesterday and asked me for more prayer. He said he was going in for more testing today. He is still having a lot of trouble breathing. He is having a lung biopsy Jan. 3rd.

Last night was our last night of Awana until after the holidays. We had our Christmas party for the girls. All the Leader's brought gifts for our young ladies that we work with, and two dozen cookies. We bought pizza, pop, chips and candy.

We did two crafts: A Rain Deer and little Christmas wreath. We also had a decorate your leader contest. All the girls had to decorate their teacher like a Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun. The time just flew by so quickly. One of our girls is moving after the holidays. Her day is in a military and it just got back from Iraq, he is being transferred to Florida, I think. I gave her a big hug and told her I would miss her so much. She is just the sweetest young lady. Her grandma brings her to Awana (I have a Big mouth) so I asked her how she was holding up with her granddaughter moving, she started crying. I felt so very bad! I would be crying if I knew my grandchildren were moving away from me as well. I really need to hold her up in prayer and try to keep in contact with her.

I got my girls some shower gel, a lip gloss set and some hair clips.

I am sort of glad we have three weeks off to regroup and come up with some more exciting things to do with them for next year.

Today, I have to take my Truck back in to the shop. The brakes are making noises again? GRRRFRRRRFWEERE!!! It is very upsetting that the brakes keep acting. I do a lot of driving and can't afford not to have my truck in good running order. Oh well, back to the shop at 7:00 a.m.

My baking is all done, Awana is done. This morning I am going to write out the Christmas cards for my route people and try to start handing them out today. A.J. Then off to work with me. A.J. has a home wrestling meet we are going to attend tonight, and then off to work again. Then it's the weekend!

I want to try and get a camera and take some pictures of my Christmas decoration so I can post them next week. I'll try real hard to remember to do that.


jel said...

will say a prayer for your dad,

cool rose there!

dot said...

I will also. And for you!

Barb said...

Your dad is now on my prayer list, Lori. I so hope this isn't something awful. I'm sure you're all very worried. I have a brother who's have a "spot" in his throat biopsied. I can barely stand to think about it.

Your girls sound so nice. I can understand the grandmother crying. I'd be devastated if my grandchild were moving away.