Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The big Reunion!

This morning as I watched my nephew received his freedom back after 7 months, I was reminded just how blessed he was to be getting out of Boot camp/Jail and going home to his wife and 3 children.

As I stood in the cold at 7:15 a.m. waiting to see my nephew I saw some of what he went through the last 3 months while in Boot camp/jail. The ladies were standing in stocking feet holding their shoes as punishment for something they had done. There were men doing pushup after pushup for something they had done wrong, some men were carrying big wooden logs around for punishment, while other were carrying big water coolers. They use these methods to discipline those that are not listening or getting out of line. My nephews voice was completely hoarse from all the yelling of "Yes, sir" he had to do. They had five minutes to eat each meal, they couldn't talk or they had to go out and do p/t while the other guys ate, they then got a brown paper sack with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in it for dinner. My nephew said a lot of the guys couldn't take it and they were sent back to prison. I think what they are trying to do is get these young and old men and women to listen and follow orders to break them. My nephew said one guy would get in trouble for talking and have to do p/t and get up and talk again. I think that one will be back in jail or prison soon.

The reunion between Jeremy and Terra was just so touching. It wasn't some big romantic or lustful moment. It was a soft kiss on the lips and them holding each other crying, for what seemed like many minutes. (Well, this is how I saw the whole thing, but this is my journal) It was so very touching. Yes, I couldn't help but start crying along with my sister (Jeremy's mom)

Jeremy had to report right to his probation officer as soon as he left Boot camp. Jeff, Chris (Elder and Elder's wife from our church) and I, went to the Big Boy restaurant to wait for the rest of them to show up. It took over an hour, but the wait to sit and have a meal with Jeremy was well worth it. I think he will be on a tether for 6 months. We will find out more tomorrow when his probation officer meets with him to put the tether on him. She did allow him to go out to eat before going home, this I thought was very good of her.

After we got done at the restaurant, Terra took Jeremy home to see his daughter's. (The baby of course doesn't know what is going on but this is the first time Jeremy has seen his new daughter) Terra didn't tell their 3 year old that daddy was coming home today. What a blessed time I bet that was. I bet it was just as great when his son got off the bus at 4:00 p.m. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to I could have seen the reunion between all of them.

What a Merry Christmas those children will have.

I wanted to write all of this down so I wouldn't forget the details of the days events. When we look back on this in years to come we will be able to "Praise the Lord" for what He has done for this family.


jel said...

reading this gave me goosebumps,

I guess cause , thinking of the new start, a second chance, That God has giving this family,

Thanks for sharing this with us!


john said...

It reminded me of Air Force boot camp. I am so thankful for sharing this good news, because I prayed for him. Thanks friend.

Linda said...

What a very special Christmas this will be for all of you. I'm glad he's home and pray that he will have grace and strength and wisdom to make a fresh start. God is so good about giving us second chances.