Monday, December 04, 2006

The Greatest gift of all to Me

I am starting to think something is wrong with me. I do feel myself pulling away from blogging, friends, and family. I am getting calls, emails, and comments asking if something is wrong. One friend of mine felt the pressure of my quietness so bad; this person came to my janitor’s job and helped me clean on Saturday. Then this person asked me if they had done something to offend me? I am hurting my friends and I don't mean too. My friend was joking with me but this person asked if the time for us to be friends was up. We have been friends for a year and a half was it time for me to move on. Oh how sad! I really could tell this person was hurt.

I have stopped answering my cell-phone on my route due to many different reasons. For one thing I am working and feel that I should give my motor route and my driving all my attention. I guess there are other reasons I don't want to blog about. That is something I need to work out with myself. I'll try to work it out quickly.

Do we go through different stages of our lives when we are old like kids do? We talk about the terrible two's, rotten three's, unbearable fours, ECT. Do we go through different stages when we are in our 40's? Then do we pull back so far, we only talk when spoken to? I guess, maybe I'm going through something like that. I love all of my friends and need to work harder on this.

Who knows, maybe in a few weeks I'll go back to being loud again?

I do value all of my friendships!

The greatest gift of all to me,
You can't unwrap for all to see.
The gift I treasure isn't gold,
It's not a gift that you can hold.
The gift thats best costs not one dime,
It's only cost is someones time.
No need for coupons or a sale,
A gift to please both girl and male!
It needs no water, food, or air,
But it will grow, if given care.
What is this gift, you ask yourself?
It's nothing you'll find on a shelf.
An outstreched hand, a caring heart,
Can't put these in a shopping cart!
One size fits all, all colors are fine,
No waiting at the checkout line!
This gift most always gets returned,
But thats a good thing, as we've learned!
Please give this gift the whole year through,
To all your friends both old and new.

written by and ©pansy


dot said...

You sound rather like my daughter who got involved in so many things (church, job, helping other people) that she got burned out.
Why not take a vacation from blogging? We'll still be here when you get back. This is a busy season especially for folks with children and you sound like you have plenty to do besides this.

john said...

I am in my 50's and find myself pulling back from people-at least that's the way I feel. I think there are just so many directions we're being pulled these days. There's just not enough of us to go around. hehe! I know where you're at, and you're in my prayers.

Linda said...

You work so hard and do so much for others - giving away so much of yourself; I think maybe you're just needing a little "space" to regroup. There is nothing wrong with that. We who love to read your posts and hear from you will be waiting for the time when you're ready to reconnect. In the meantime, I'll be praying for you.

Barb said...

Goodness, Lori. The stages never stop. So if you're going through one, that's not a problem. People who love and care about you won't go away.

Be easy on yourself. I do exactly the same thing. I go for months being outgoing and enthusiastic about everything. Then I slow down. Yes, it keeps people a little confused, but my gosh, no one can be exactly the same all the time. We never stop being human which means we have good time and bad times, happy times, more reflective times.

You're fine. If you need some space, take it and don't worry about it. People who know you will understand.

mouse said...

Lori I to go through stages where I am very outgoing and with my friends a lot, then I pull back some and enjoy the quite. As I get older I don't deal as well with constant all the time talking, laughing, even being nice. I need time just for me to get lost in my own thoughts.

You work two jobs, are very involved in your church and singing, busy helping friends and family and blogging regularly. You never get enough sleep and that isn't good healthwise. So slow down some, say no some. Make time for Lori, people will understand that.

jel said...

hey Lori,
your not alone,
I been having the same feelings

take care!


PEA said...

We do indeed continue to go through stages...reading what you wrote, could have been me writing it. I've changed so much in the last couple of years and things that meant so much to me, now doesn't mean anything anymore...I'm pulling away from a lot of my friends, I finding myself wanting to be more alone, etc. I guess that we just have to accept that as we age, we do look at things differently. Just be honest with yourself and others, that's what I've been working on for myself:-) Hugs xox

e-Mom said...

I do think we need to take a little quiet time to recharge our batteries especially at "that time of the month." Christmas is such a busy time too, and full of memories of good and bad moments in our lives. I know I need periods when I can just process it all privately. My prayers are with you!