Thursday, November 09, 2006

Update on my Step-dad

Update on my Step-dad! Please keep him in your prayers.

I also ask for prayer for a friend of mine. She is having surgery tomorrow; please pray that they do not find cancer. I will be busy today buying the food and cooking them a meal for tomorrow. I took my cleaning job off tomorrow and one of my routes so I could be with her and her family. I will be able to stay with the family until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. I am very happy that I have a good sub for one of my routes.

My family is pretty much over the illness that we had, but it has spread to my older son’s family. Jack my 3 year old grandson has been sick for two days; he was throwing up early Wednesday morning. Today he has a fever and is complaining of a soar throat.
I just pray little Jenna doesn't get it. She is my 8 month old Granddaughter

Hi Lori

Dad is better later in the day. Mornings are sometimes rough. One minute he wants to go to the hospital right then he feels so bad and the next minute he is outside blowing leaves. I feel so bad for him. He aches in his back, legs, hips, chest can't breath and then all the sudden he is better.
I don't know what he is going to do. I just Pray God heals him, sometimes I know God works through Doctor's or he would not have made them. So I am just Praying for the right decision.
He gets depressed, today was one of those and he called Pastor to talk to him about some other things and he shared he feels depressed, Pastor told him it might be his medication. I think that made him feel better. So God knows how to help when we don't.
I have been busy with work, schooling and cleaning house since we were gone a lot of the summer I really am behind. Dad is not much help inside anymore. He does let the dogs out and blow leaves though. (LOL) Oh well!
Hey what do you want for Christmas, ask Jim too. How about the boys? I will look to see what I can find for the older girls, they are easier than boys (SOMETIMES) :o)

God Bless you my precious daughter.



jel said...

My prayers are with you all !

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori ~ I do hope your step-dad gets well and that your friend's operaton goes well. Sending prayers yor way.
Thank you for your knid comments, that
story of the teacher was a good one.
So great if other teachers would do the same thing. Take care, Lori, Hugs, Merle.

e-Mom said...

You have such a sweet and loving Mom! Her attitude is amazing in the midst of her hardships with your step-Dad. At least he has the energy to blow leaves sometimes! I'll pray about your friend's surgery. It was so good of you to arrange to take some time off to be with the family. The world needs more dedicated Christian people like you. :~)

Christina said...

I will add your stepdad to my prayer list. I am so glad we have a way to let others know the people out there who need our prayers.

I will also pray that your family starts to feel better.

I will also add your friend. It is so nice that you will be able to help her at. What a good friend you are.

The picture of the doggie in the back seat is so funny. What a little cutie.

PEA said...

My thoughts and prayers are certainly with your step-dad and your friend!! It's wonderful that you'll be making a meal for truly are a treasure!! Loved the letter from your mom! Take care xox

Pamela said...

Lori, I have first hand experience with a med causing my muscles to freeze up and it was so painful. Have him check back when he started what and when the pain started. My frustration lasted 10 months cause the Dr. thought the benefits out weighed the side effects. I felt betrayed when I quit and in a few weeks all the pain was gone.

Just a little heads up, this may or may not be realative. My prayers are with your step dad and friend.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have prayed.

dot said...

You Mother sounds like such a sweet lady!

Anonymous said...

you're all in my thoughts...give the children a kiss, and to all of you as well
take care dear

lori said...

Hello all,

Thank you so much for the comments. I think I will take a few days off from posting so I can catch up on my comment answers.