Saturday, November 18, 2006

Praise Report

I got some great news from my friend who had the surgery last week. "All is well" Praise be to our heavenly Father. I am so excited and happy to hear I will have my friend around for a long time. I want to thank all of my wonderful blogging friends for praying for her.

I also was so excited to here that one of my favorite singer's will be coming to the Palace of Auburn Hills in February for a concert. This friend I keep telling you about introduce Josh Groban to me. We are going to try and get tickets to see his concert. I am soooooo very excited.

Living for the simple things in life: My Friend


PEA said...

Oh Lori, that is indeed wonderful news about your friend!! The power of prayer certainly is a great thing!! How lucky you are to be going to see Josh Groban if you can get tickets...I just love his voice!!!

jel said...

that is great news about your friend!

hope you get to the concert!


dot said...

So glad about your friend!

I was wondering if your church has supper on Wed nights?

lori said...


Thank you for your prayers and visits. It really amazes me that people really visit this blog? I am very grateful for my wonderful blogging friends that are so faithful in praying for the needs of people.

I sure pray I can get ticket to see Josh G. They go on sale tomorrow so I'll have to check it out right away.


Thank you!


Thank you my friend!

The way my church does Wednesday evenings is the people not working in the Awana program, signs up for cell-groups. Each cell-group has a choice if they want to bring a pot luck dinner or desert. I have been in some cell-group were we had a meal each Wednesday evening. Last year the group I was in had nothing at all.

dot said...

Thanks Lori. I was just wondering how other churches do it. We have a meal from 6-7pm each Wed for everyone. Some of the ladies in the church cook the meal in the church kitchen and I've recently started helping.

lori said...


That is really a good idea!