Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I wish all of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! Many Blessings

I have been very busy baking the deserts for tomorrow. I always volunteer to take the deserts. I am not a real baker as some people are but my family always asks for Aunt Lori's cheese cake. I was very excited to hear that my whole family will be coming to Thanksgiving dinner at my brothers tomorrow.

What a grand day it will be!

What I will be taking to Thanksgiving Dinner at my Brother's and Sister-in-laws.

Cheese Cake
Chocolate cookies
Sugar cookies
Chocolate pie
Pumpkin pie
Banana pie

This is my list unless I think of something else that sounds good when I'm out at the store this morning.

I will be very busy the rest of the day and I am sure I won't be able to post tomorrow. I just wanted to wish all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

I am Thankful for so many things the list could go on forever. I have posted many posts about that this month.

I think the Word sums up what we should be thankful for.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you

BTW- Praise God they just called and my truck is done. I have survived just fine with the van this week but I really was worried about having to take it on the route the next two days.

This truly will be a great Thanksgiving for me.


happy and blue 2 said...

Glad the truck is fixed.
Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving..

Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like you'll be busy indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great thanksgiving! Blessings.

Linda said...

What great deserts! I'm going to make an apple pie this afternoon and a birthday cake for my daughter.
I love your post and appreciate your unselfish servant's heart. You do amazing things for the Lord.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving day with your family.

Deb said...

Oh those desserts sound delicious. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

eph2810 said...

Your list sounds yummy :) - I love home-made cheesecake. My mom makes one that is just heavenly.

Thank you for stopping by today.

I wish you and your family a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit! Hope your family has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving together.
Congratulations on your new great niece!

John said...

It will be a great one, because I've met so many new friends on the blogs. I'm truly thankful for you and so many others.

Jeanette said...

Thank you for your visit hope u come back again.
Congratulationson the arrival of your Niece. "Gabrielle Leanne"

mouse said...

If the food at your brothers is going to be as good as the deserts I wish I was going to be there. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

e-Mom said...

Your list of baked goods sounds ambitious. YOU are always doing so much for everyone. Too bad you don't live closer... :~)

Congrats on the birth of the new baby in the family, and I liked your post on the middle verse of the Bible. He is truly the center of it all isn't He?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Prayers, e-Mom

Jim said...

You are just as busy on this holiday as all the other days.
Congratulations on the new greatneiece, Gabby.

Jim said...

Oh yes, Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelli said...

Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Everuone is coming to my house, so I have to do the turky. He's thawing now. :)

Grish said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

PEA said...

Lori, wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!! It sounds like you'll have a fun day with the family and oh goodness, the desserts you're bringing sound sooo delicious!! Glad your truck has been fixed! Hugs xox

Deepak Gopi said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving from a Brit!
God bless

Northern Farmer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
God Bless!

greenspot said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your deserts sound good. ummm.. yummy!!

Christina said...

Cheesecake is my favorite. I think you have a great list of deserts.