Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Island of Horror

This short story was written by my daughter Bec
February 19, 2002

The Island of Horror

It was a morning just like all the others. The sun was shining outside my bedroom window. I could hear the birds chirping, I could hear a light breeze blowing through the trees. Like every other day, a fear from my nightmares is in my bones. I feel myself shaking and the sweat pouring off my forehead like drops of rain falling off the trees. I wonder why I keep dreaming I’m on an island with someone chasing me. I know he or it is out to kill me but I don’t know what it is or why it is after me. I feel like I’m looking over my shoulder waiting for it to jump out of the shadows and get me. But it’s just a dream isn’t it? I need to do something to get this off my mind. Chase called last night and asked if I wanted to go boating with him. That should do the trick, thought Ken.
“Chase thanks for asking me to go boating with you today, Ken said. You know how much I love cruising the lake.” “Ken, I heard about this island about 5 miles off the coast, you being adventurous and all I thought maybe we could go check it out, Chase said to Ken. We better go right away if were going to. I heard on the weather channel that a storm was suppose to come in later this afternoon. So how ‘bout it, Chase implored, you game?” Ken could feel a cold sweat like water break out on his forehead. Should I tell Chase about my dreams or will he think I’m crazy? This is crazy! They are only dreams. “Sure, lets go, Ken said in a voice that sounded small and weak to his own ears.”
The storm came in faster than expected. “Chase, I think we better head back; the storm is coming in really fast. The island looks great but I think we better check it out another day, Ken said.” “Ken, I don’t think we will make it back to shore if we try to head back right now, Chase said. This island looks safe enough. We should find shelter and wait out the storm.” That’s what I was afraid he would say Ken thought. The storm got wilder by the minute. They lost control of the boat when a big wave came up and swallowed the boat throwing Ken and Chase out of the boat and into the storm ragging seas.
“Chase! Where are you, Ken yelled with the saltwater stinging his eyes?" Another big wave came up, and as he was calling for Chase, the saltwater choked him. We were close to the shore when we were on the boat Ken thought. I must be closer now because of these darn waves. If I don’t keep paying attention, these waves are going to drown me. “Owww, Ken yelled.” I must be close to the shore; I just hit my knee on something very sharp Ken thought with pain shooting up and down his leg. I don’t think I can swim much farther in this storm. I can’t see a thing. Oh no, now I know I am close to the shore because of all these huge rocks. But there are too many rocks. Oh no, here comes another big wave Ken thought terrorized. No! No!
“Oh, where am I, Ken said.” Oh no, not the island. How did I get here and where is Chase? “Chase where are you, Ken yelled.” What happened? My head is bleeding and I hurt all over. Why is the sun so bright? Where is Chase? It must be mid-morning by the feel of the sun. This sand is so hot. It is so quiet here; all I can hear is the waves and the trees. That breeze doesn’t do much either. It is so hot. I must have hit my head on one of those big rocks I saw last night. That is probably why my head is bleeding and hurting. At least it isn’t bleeding that much but I sure do have one bad headache. Man, I sure hope Chase is all right. “Chase! Chase, Ken yelled again.” I don’t think he’s around here. There are a lot of woods and lacerated branches all over back there. I think I’ll go look around, and take a look in the woods. Maybe I will find some sort of civilization. I can’t believe that I am even thinking this, its way too scary, but this is just like all of the dreams that I have been having. I can’t believe it.
These woods are pretty scary. I’m glad that it will still be daylight out for a few more hours yet. I have been walking around here for hours and still I haven’t so much as found a trace of anyone. I haven’t even heard anything except the sound of the birds and the wind blowing through the tree leaves. It is very spooky in this place. I hope I don’t get lost before…snap…what was that? I know I heard something. He listened…nothing. Well maybe it’s just my imagination. Snap…there it is again. I know I heard it that time. Sweat started to bead on his forehead as he turned around to see what the noise was. When he turned around, there was nothing there. I must be going crazy. I’m just getting a little paranoid; there is nothing to worry about. Come on Ken pull yourself together. He was telling himself this all the while he knew that there was something wrong. He could feel it with every step he took. He could feel someone, something, watching him, following his every move. He knew that it was there, and that it was only a matter of time before it showed itself. He heard another snap and that was it. With a head of determination, he turned very quickly and what he saw made him gasp in pure amazement. With trembling lips he mustered enough courage to bellow as loud as he could, “It’s you.” It was exactly like in his dreams, and now I know who my attacker is. But wait, this is not a dream this is in fact reality. He can’t be my attacker. He’s my best friend. “I can’t believe it was you”, said Ken. “Why not”, replied Chase? “Did you really think I was your friend?”


dot said...

Cute story. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

lori said...


I know what you mean. I found this when I was cleaning up my Microsoft word file. My daughter is 19 now she must have had to write this story for a school project. I am sure she would not be happy if she found out I posted it on my blog. (We just won't tell her) : )