Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday AJ

This picture is of AJ on his first Birthday.

My baby is now 17; we had a family birthday party for him on Monday. I wanted my mom and step-dad, Mother-in-law and my oldest Son and Daughter-in-law and children to come this year. We waited to have his party until my son and his family returned from vaction. This will be the last family party we will have for AJ.

After high school he will be going into the Navy.

It is very hard for me to think of him leaving. I remember when my oldest son left for the Navy. He left a child and came back a husband and a father. In my heart I knew he wouldn't be able to stay single. I think when you are raised with a big family it is hard to be alone.

AJ seems so young to me still, to think of him going off by himself, just makes me so very sad. If he wants to serve our Country, I want him to do that. I will just miss him.

This is just going to be a very hard year for me. I cried almost my whole route on Sunday morning, just thinking about him away from home. Not having him home for his birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, just breaks my heart. I am a real family person, I like being around my family as much as possible. I know I have no assurance that my children will live around me. I am just having a hard time cutting the apron strings.

My daughter reminded me last night after everyone left, how I use to cry myself to sleep before my oldest son went off to the Navy and how I cried for a year after he was gone. Hopefully, I have matured over the years and it won't last that long.

AJ is the fourth child, he was always sort of put on the back burner. At the end of his school year last year we started taking a big interest in him. He loved the attention and has really excelled in school and sports because of it. Praise God we noticed that he really needed our attention before it was too late. He is a great kid.

Happy Birthday AJ! (It doesn't matter how old my children are, they will still always be my babies)


jel said...

Happy birthday to AJ!

and Thanks Lori for the visit!

dot said...

Lori, it is so hard when your kids grow up and start their own lives. Sometimes I can hardly bear it that we aren't so attached as we used to be but I know that is the way of life.
Happy Birthday to A.J. and good luck to him in his new life in the service.
I like thos initials. My son is J.R.

lori said...


Thank you I will tell him you wished him a happy birthday.

lori said...


I know our God intended our children go leave and have their own families. It is so very hard. I really don't want to see myself when my 9 year old leaves the nest.

Connie said...

Happy birthday to AJ!

I've got a 17 year old too, and I'm no not ready for him to be grown up. He's a senior, and it's just unreal to me to think that next year he won't be here.

lori said...


I would say that you can definitely relate to what I am going through right now. My AJ just acts so very young still. He still plays imaginary games with his 12 year old brothers. To see him serving in the Navy is just something that I am finding very hard to see right now. I am sure it will cause him to grow up fast.

greenspot said...

Happy Birthday AJ.

i hope he brings you everywhere in his heart just like how you do. i'm sure he will make you proud someday.

i understand how you feel, because this happened to my mom when my sister, I and my younger brother left for University. and now she is again go through this when my youngest brother (AJ's age, 17) is about to leave for University in a very short time (maybe June next year). and when youngest brother is leaving, there will be just mom and dad at home.

e-Mom said...

I feel your Mother's pain. It's so hard to let them go. I think saying good-bye to the first is the hardest. I'm glad your son has blossomed with all the attention you've given him latterly. You've created a wonderful loving family, despite the challenges.

lori said...


Thank you for your comment. I will let AJ know you said Happy Birthday to him.

lori said...


It is very hard to let them go. I can't believe I still have to go through 5 of them leaving me.

Thank you for your kind words.