Monday, September 01, 2008

It's that time of year Again!

Every time school starts up I get a sick feeling; I know I won't get to see my children very much. With all of their after school activities, school all day, homework, sports, Awana and youth group, there isn't much free time.

I home-schooled my children for 5 years before making the decision to put them in the public school system. My husband got very ill and was home from work a lot. After months of being sick with bad migraine like headaches, he lost his vision in his right eye, they diagnosed him with a brain tumor. (Prolactinoma) After this, we sent our 4 younger children to a Charter school. I home schooled my daughter until she was going into her ninth grade year. My children ask me every year if they can just be home-schooled again. I know I just don't have it in me to home school again.

I just can't believe that it’s time for my children to go back to school. With everything that has been going on in my life, I haven't spent enough time with my children. I can't believe Boaz (My baby) will be in 6th grade. My twin boys (14) are going into the 9th grade, and my Sailor will be leaving for his 7 month deployment in a week. He said, he would be able to email me some when he is over seas and he will try to call a couple of times. BooHoo, I talk to him almost everyday now. Ohhhh, poor me! It's just going to be another adjustment is all. My daughter has been in Texas for almost a year and a half now. My oldest son is 30 (He is a district manager over 8 Auto port plants) with a beautiful wife and 3 children of his own. I can't believe my middle grand baby is going to start Kindergarten tomorrow. Guess who will be running over to Ethan's house in the morning. Yes, Me! I have to get pictures of him leaving for school for the first time. I pray I don't cry when he gets on that big yellow bus. Little Ethan and I have spent a lot of time together in his little life. Oh goodness, it's not like I won't ever see him again. I really enjoyed our mornings together when the other children were in school. Oh my, am I a whiner tonight. It will take me about a week before I get into the swing of things again.

Ohhhh, I don't like growing up. I think back to the years when all of my children lived at home. Those were some fun times! Enough of my whining and boohooing (is that a word) for one night.

I spent a bit of time today getting everything ready for my boy's to go back to school. I do believe we are all set! It is now time for showers, prayers and off to bed. We have a very early start tomorrow.


Greg C said...

Time sure flies doesn't it. My boys are so big now that they no longer want hugs from Dad. It isn't cool they say. At least we still talk and I try to keep close to them and do things with them. Looks like the next storm may be heading our way, Keep us in your prayers.

Kristy said...

Your so adorable. This post makes me want to go hug my babies. I am truly thankful that I get to homeschool mine for this time...I treasure every minute of it (even when the days don't quite turn out as expected!!).
Thinking of you today.
Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

Time does fly! I'm sad that i cant see my little baby brothers go to their first day of high school... and little Bo to his first day of middle school. I cant believe little baby Ethan is going to his first day of school.

9th Grade.... i was scared to death to go to school. I didnt want to leave my mom. I was ok with the classes and i wasnt afraid of being late to class or not finding them or my locker... i was just afraid to leave my mom!!! I remember crying and have to go to my counselors office so many times that first semester just crying cause i missed my mom. She was my best friend. I was with her everyday all the time before... Thinking about it now, I hope one day my kids love me as much as i loved her! Love her!!! I sure am greatful and thankful for the parents God has given me. For the loving family God has given me. Prayers be with Aaron as he goes off on his 7 months.

For all the kids starting up school again, DONT SLACK OFF!!! Dont wait till the next day... cause it'll only make it much harder! Work your hardest cause it goes by really fast!

Amel's Realm said...

My friends were talking about kids when we met today and how fast they grew up...and one of them who's got a baby said that she wasn't ready to let her go into life (to school, to her future boyfriends, etc.). Another one said that it took time, step by step, to let go...

I can't relate to that yet, but I understand it more now that I've heard it from many mothers.

You're not alone...God be with your children. :-)))) And you too!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi, Lori! Sometimes, I do think about this... I'll see my parents grow really old and what will happen to me in future and all those sort of things. My nephews and niece grow so fast and yeah! Time flies so fast...

Be happy! :)

Greeneyes said...

A big softie you are LOL
It is always hard to send them off to school but it is a good time for MOMMY to put that extra lotion on and do something just for her (HINT NOT VERY SUBTLE am I ;-) LOL)



LZ Blogger said...

Lori- I was sorry to hear about your husband's health problems. Were they able to treat his tumor? I know what you mean about the kids and school (although for me) it is just the grandkids now. ~ jb///

Lori said...


It goes by way to fast. GRRRRRR, I don't look forward to the day that they are all gone.


I didn't see the blessing in home-schooling my children, when I was doing it.

I felt like a drill sergeant most of the time. I sure do miss it now.

To my dearest Daughter Rebecca,

I have thought about your nineth grade year all week. I missed you so much that year. I knew you we'rnt getting the schooling you deserved plus we wanted you to be able to take Coms. in your 11th and 12th grade years. You have so much talent.

It was almost like God was preparing me for you to move away. I am so very proud of you! You are becoming such a wonderful, Godly woman.

I miss you!

Amel and Choc mint girl,

Some day you will understand what I am talking about.

I wish I could tell young mom's how important it is to cherish each and every moment with your young children. The time really does go by fast.


LOL!! Yes, time to put my feet up. Ohhhh, I know you read my blog so you know that I have replaced my time with my children with other things. Meeting with the Jr. Choir director yesterday. I have my little princess, Jenna, today. Chemo tomorrow. LOL!

Blessing to all,


Lori said...

Lz blogger,

He had brain surgery back in 1997. He will be on medication for the rest of his life to keep the tumor shrunk.


Amel's Realm said...
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Amel's Realm said...

THANKS for the reminder! What you said and what my friend said really drives me to spend as much time with my kids when and if God gives me one or two later on. :-))))

This is why I LOVE blogging. I learn SO MUCH more than I can learn in real life. :-))))

Lori said...


I can't wait until that day you find out your going to be a Mama. I'll still be reading!