Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meet some New friends/Old Friends

Things are going well for me but I don't want to talk about me today. I am going to start posting about a few blogging friends each day. Some new/some old! I'll let you know what I like about each one of them/you. You all know how much I love blogging but I thought I would take the focus off of myself for a while and turn it to some of you. I want all of you to know how much you have meant to my life the last three years. I feel as if I have woken up out of a bad dream this week and can see clearly again. I have been so me focused, I haven't been able to grown in Christ or get to know all of you better. As I said in my post the other day, I am going to stop all my Whining. BTW-Becca and Aaron are doing great.

Aaron graduates from his first Navy "A" school today. He will move on to his next school soon.

Becca is working two jobs and is doing swell.

Keep up the great work Becca and Aaron

My oldest son Bret opens his 12th Autoports Unlimited this month.

My oldest son turns 30 on February 22nd, 2008. If he keeps this up, he is going to be older then me. Hee, Hee

BTW-My sweet husband goes for his yearly appointment today. I told all of you a while back that he has a brain tumor. If you could keep him in your prayers, I would be grateful. He has been pretty sick for the last three weeks. I try not to worry, but, well, you'll know from reading my blog that this is something I struggle with.
I tried to link to the post about my husband but couldn't it is called

"Challenges my husband has had to face in his adult life". July 2007

Today, I want to introduce you'll to a few blogging friends that attend my church. This is my Asst. Pastor and his beautiful Wife.

Pastor Brian is teaching a Sunday school class called New Testament survey. He has posted his notes plus some of his sermons, on his blog. This fellow is a great preacher and teacher of the Word.

You can view Pastor Brian's blog here

Suzanne is Pastor Brian's wife. I just love reading here blog. It is full of funny stories about her little ones and so much more. I just really love visiting her blog and reading about her day. She has a true heart for the things of the Lord.

You can view Suzanne's blog here

This isn't anyone from my church but I spent some time reading blogs this morning and E-Mom is at it again. She has a Read-Through-the-Bible-Program on her blog.

You can visit E-mom here

Kristy received her flight plans The Most Exciting Thing We've Ever Done She is in the process of adopting a very sweet baby girl. She will be getting that precious baby girl soon.


Amel's Realm said...

WOAH...I didn't know about your hubby's brain tumor. I'll definitely remember him in my prayers!!!

Glad to hear your kids are doing fine! ;-D

bride said...

Hey Lori, thanks for sharing about Jim. I will be praying. I started my own blog too. How do you get connected with other bloggers?

e-Mom said...

Lori, I am praying right now that your husband remains whole and healthy. I am also asking for the Lord's tender peace and comfort to surround you today.

Thanks for the linky love... I do appreciate it!

Hugs and blessings,

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Kathy said...

Thanks for the update on your family! I didn't know about your husband having a tumor. I will pray for him and I'll go back and read that older post. Sorry to hear about it.

SJ said...

Wow, I didn't know that about your husband either. I went back and read the post you referred to. You're truly blessed to have a man who remains faithful to the Lord and to you through all those trials!

I love blogs! How long would it have taken me to learn these things about you at church? We should start requiring blogging for membership :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

I'll always remember to include your husband's health and you in my prayers, Lori. Take care! :)